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Hey there everyone, Fujimaru here. Or Raixas, if you’d prefer. Not that I expect many people to read this but you never know?
Haven’t kept a journal in quite a while. Not really sure what I should write about. I suppose starting off with why I’m writing in this thing would be a good place to start. After I officially joined up with Kishi and co. Asuka told me about the Brightscale Journal. Mental health, and all that.
Yeah, I was surprised to. Kishi didn’t exactly strike me as a journal kind of guy, but he makes use of it almost every day, or so Asuka says. Apparently they’ve all written something inside -- even the scary looking Arashi! It’s a mainstay of the shared guild inventory, with sub-folders divided by name and each person’s folder secured via password, so no one can snoop at what you’re writing. Asuka told me that it’s a way for them to vent those feelings they might not be comfortable sharing.
So, this’ll be my first entry. Don’t know why I’m so nervous!
It’s, what, the 3rd of January? I’ve been an official member of the guild for two days now; got my uniform squared away and everything! Ino says it looks good on me. The fact I knew the twins and Ino beforehand made the transition from solo-player to party-player a little more easy, but I’m nowhere near settled. I’m restless, I guess. I haven’t spent this much time around so many people for months!
That said, I’m happy to be here. I haven’t even told the twins this but this whole thing with SAO turning deadly absolutely terrified me. Being here -- with Asuka, Ino, the twins, and Kishi -- makes me feel secure.
Somehow I think I’ll sleep easy tonight.
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