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Kanji ブレークウインド
Romanization Burēkuuindo
Item Information
VR [[w:c:swordartonline:Sword Art Online|]]
Type Weapon
User(s) Kirin

«Breakwind» (ブレークウインド, Burēkuuindo?) is Kirin's primary weapon in [[w:c:swordartonline:Sword Art Online|]]. This sword is a Last Attack Bonus obtained from the boss on the 60th Floor.[1] A total of 50 enhancements can be performed on it and it was enhanced by Lisbeth 48 times[1] before it was corrupted during the events on the 75th Floor.[2]


Breakwind takes the appearance of a sword with a total length of 95 centimeters. The hilt of the blade is an open semicircle that immediately connects to the guard of the blade as well as the blade itself. The cutting edge is shaped like a katana but due to its size (10 centimeters wide), it is classified as a one-handed sword.



Long Sword / One Hand[3]

  • Range: Short[3]
  • Type: Slash[3]
  • Attack: 850-985[3]
  • Durability: 1600[3]
  • Weight: 235[3]
  • Requires: 85[3]
  • Equip +75[3]
  • Agility +28[3]
  • Strength +78[3]
  • Armor[3]


Aincrad Arc

An Inkling of Evil

The Passing of the Torch


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