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Blood Hawks
Blood hawks
Blood Hawks
Guild Info
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Founder Hayate
Focus PvP/Clearing
Base of Operations 19th Floor
Status Active



The Blood Hawks are a guild lead by Hayate and founded by a group of beta-testers. While it is technically a clearing guild, there is a much bigger focus on becoming the strongest players in comparison to other players than there is to beating the game. Their rival clearing/PVP guild, the Eagle Knights, were founded around the same time, and have been in constant conflict with them. They are a very high-level guild, and would be a prominent and incredibly influential guild if not for their low numbers.

The Blood Hawks are unique in that they are a guild founded during the beta that managed to reconvene during the death game.


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The Blood Hawks' base is located on the 19th floor of Aincrad, across from the Eagle Knights'. It is rather small, but surprisingly luxurious.

Known Members

Hayate - Leader; Founding Member

Euridice - Original Sub-Leader (replaced by Persephone, her non-beta counterpart); Founding Member

Persephone - Sub-Leader

Katrina - Founding Member

Isamu - Founding Member

Valor - Founding Member (defected)





Notable Achievements

The Blood Hawks got the last hit on the the Sixth, Twenty-Ninth, Forty-Second, and Fifty-First floor bosses, and participated in the fights with many bosses.



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