Falken: "It ends here."
Cyratel: "It's only the beginning."
— Falken and Cyratel


The final confrontation between the Falken the Voidwalker and Void Avatar Cyratel, in the final hours of The First Void Insurrection. The duel was the culmination of the forces of Creation being pushed back by Void over multiple losses, with Lord Knight Falken being the only being in Creation able to adequately combat Void. Falken, accepting The Harbinger's ultimatum, decided to venture into Void to attempt to battle Cyratel one final time in order to bring a permanent end to the Insurrection. Saying his final goodbyes to his wife, Ciell, and his childhood friend and Cyratel's sister, Tyrael, he passed into Void with the use of his personal soulcraft, Voidwalker, in order to confront Cyratel.

The entire fight was unseen by the normal world, and only a few seconds after Falken ventured into Void, the Insurrection ended, though within Void the fight actually lasted for around an hour.


As the fight took place within Void, and the only two participants in the battle died, the exact nature of the fight is unknown to those on the outside.

Within Void, Falken's memories were manifested into the backdrop of their battle, being the Fields of Elysium, the white flower fields within Alteia where Falken, Ciell, Tyrael, and Cyratel made their lifelong vow. After a fierce fight between the two former blood brothers, Falken emerged the victor, killing Cyratel and sealing Erebus in Void. Though victorious, Falken was weakened beyond recovery, he fell to Void, and passed away thereafter.

Music Theme

Bloodborne Soundtrack OST - Gehrman, The First Hunter

Bloodborne Soundtrack OST - Gehrman, The First Hunter

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