• Daughter.of.Shadows

    Introduction Hello, Shado here, and I'm here to show you contributors how to add colors into texts. Before we start off, please do not take advantage of color codes by spamming them on pages. I made this for the common use of newer users, and for profile page use. Note: The color syntax coding is universal and can be used on any branch of the wikia.

    Also I'm not entirely sure if there already is a blog like this on here, but might as well give a refresher anyway! I love using color hexes especially on my profile page (which i have to change around later) so here's something to make pages a little more exciting)

    How to us Hex Codes One of the more common colors I use on this wikia is flamingo pink which has the code of #FF1493. The (#) sign followe…

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  • Nakuro

    A shady little leaflet

    February 6, 2019 by Nakuro

    Apparently I recieved a 'murder' threat from Fede if I should return to the wiki last summer. Only noticed today when I decided to take a look at the site where I spent more than three years writing on. I'll take my chances, I guess, by dropping this subtle little bomb.

    I've given this post some thought. First back in 2017, when I disappeared from the wiki entirely without a word's notice. Too much had happened. One event lead to another disaster which lead to another catastrophe, with no room or energy to explain to others why or how those events happened. I took a sturdy gander at what I had worked towards during my puberty years and stumbled onto the conclusion that it was time to go. I made friendships here and simultaneously watched th…

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  • NejiHyuga2

    SAO A: SBO Project

    October 15, 2018 by NejiHyuga2

    After three billion years, I've returned with some new inspiration for an SAO project.

    Kirito is dead.

    All you need to know.

    Oh, and Sword Art: Origin and ALfheim Online got blended in the next-generation VR game, Spell Blade Online.

    Although, you could also take a peek at the page.

    I have made a Discord RP server centering around this plotline. Feel free to not jump on.

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  • IndrasMoon

    SAO Re:birth!!!

    June 7, 2018 by IndrasMoon

    Hey would anyone be interested in a SAO roleplay on Discord? Its something that's still in the works but if anyone is interested in joining I have the link for it. You dont habe to if you dont want to.

    Name: SAO RE:birth

    Welcome one and all to SAO Re:birth! In this server you’ll be able to create a character of your own choosing for a chance to become one of the greatest characters in Aincrad! Explore different places that can be achieved by fighting bosses, joining in raids, and finding hidden dungeons! You can create your own guild, join one, make a party with friends, and build your skills up as well. Or, however, if you don’t want to do any of that, you can always RP IRL!!! This world is always expanding and may just be the place for you…

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  • Arkan421

    Character Concept

    May 25, 2018 by Arkan421

    Hello, Ark here.

    Been browsing the wiki for a bit, and decided to ask for your opinions of a quick rough-draft character/story concept I was thinking up for a possible side-story.

    What I was thinking was that immediately after SAO incident began, one person decides to go into the game to look for a friend and (hopefully) save them. By spending the year, most of their life savings, browsing various blackmarkets, and doing various activities of questionable legality, they manage to get their hands on a NerveGear and enter SAO around one year late to the party.

    Now the main problems for the new player is that they don't know where to start looking, what their friend looks like in-game, or even if they're alive or dead, and the fact they're worki…

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  • Kirenta

    Hello I would like asked how would you read Japanese names you put the first name first then last name last right in the Canon Wiki of Sword Art Online if any of you edit there in that wiki the last name goes first while First name goes last this is japanese naming

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  • Otakusmiles

    New Thoughts

    May 14, 2018 by Otakusmiles

    Never mind about the dark eyes and hair.  Silver and blue is much cooler so I will do that instead.  I was up most of the weekend drawing so I hope you like the charcter I drew.

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  • Otakusmiles

    My story to be

    May 11, 2018 by Otakusmiles

    So I want to write a story about a teen in SAO who has only one arm.  Before the switch he will have two arms but aftter he will look as he does in real life.  He's gonna have deep dark eyes with dark hair. So for a sword skill I was thinking of a hit combo that's a dark green with a glowing red finalle for the last hit.  He is also good at taekwon do (for self defense) and he has a piece of heavy duty armor on his good arm in case he needs to block an attack while his sword is currently in use or on the wrong side of his body to be ueful.  but after the switch he will only have one arm down to his elbow and will make constant jokes when buying armor with a discount because he doesn't need all of it:)   So let me know of any Idea's you mig…

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  • Ishimura Elite

    Right, I lived through that hurricane.

    But that was months ago, Ishi

    Whatever, I do shit on my own time.

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  • FunnyCatsWrite
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  • Don'tHateOnFate

    Ah, how the weak have fallen indeed. Several wikis and fans have tried to become THE "Sword Art Online Fanon" wiki, but they were unable to compete with us. Let us take a moment of laughte- silence for these wikis:

    This wiki was actually not bad. It was well-organized and it was very popular (as it gave everyone a chance to become part of the fantasy world we all know and love). It wasn't really a "fanon" wiki; it was recognized as its own wiki. But as time went on, I guess it was too much information to process, even for the admins who created it, thus, the wiki slowly died off into nothingness. (Although, it appears some people think it's running)

    You can visit the wiki here.

    I'm not sure what to really think of this wiki. Sure, it was a fa…

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  • NejiHyuga2

    Hello, guys! I'm unsure how to say this but I have a project idea. Please bear with me because it might sound stupid. Basically, I want to rewrite Sword Art Online. On the egging on from some friends on the r/SAO Discord server, I have decided to genderbend everyone in SAO (If this is a dumb idea, please bite back your comment).

    Anyone of you can apply! Just comment here and choose which SAO character you want to take! I'm going to say this first though: Kirito (or in this project, Kiriko) is mine. Everyone else is open! Feel free to make more characters who correspond with this project! When you make that character please slap on the template on the page.

    • Kiriko (Kirito) - owned by me
    • Yuurei (Asuna)
    • Quartz (Silica)
    • Tiffany (Agil)
    • Chelsea (Klei…

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  • Ishimura Elite

    So guess what. ANOTHER cataclysmic hurricane is on its way to me. Two consecutively in a fucking row, god dammit.

    Supposedly it's going to be way worse because it'll be stronger AND it'll hit us directly. So... THAT'S nice.

    If I survive, then I'll be without power and water and internet for probably a few months in the case that the entire state manages to stay above the fucking ocean.

    So, fuckin great. I'll have to sit this one out too. Bleh.


    So Irma is now officially the most powerful hurricane in recorded history. It's at 180 mph sustained winds and it's set to hit in 2 days now. So... I'm setting up plans to either get further inland or out of the state entirely. Hoping the best case scenario will happen, but most projected paths lead …

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  • The Redundant Button

    Well, it took me an entire bloody month, but I managed to finish chapter 5 for FF so, as promised, chapter 2 is now posted on the wiki. I'm lazy as fuck, though, or it would've been up sooner. Check it out below. Cheers!

    Misfortune Made Her Sword: Chapter 2

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  • The Redundant Button

    So after sitting on my ass for the better part of the summer, I've finally decided to pick myself up and get back to actually writing my fan fic. You know, instead of deluding myself into thinking I'm making progress with a sentence here or there every four or five days... So to start, and to help motivate me, I posted the first chapter up on the wiki! Huzzah for minor accomplishments? Will probably add chapter two on here after I finish writing chapter five for FF.

    Click the link below to check it out if you want. Or don't. That's cool too. But I'd love to hear what you think about it if you do. Cheers!

    Misfortune Made Her Sword: Chapter 1

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  • The Redundant Button

    How high does the counter for the daily contribution badge thing go? Anybody know? I'm weirdly curious (because I want it) and also a little frightened. But I'm stubborn and at this point I might as well go for it...

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  • PyroHunter16

    So, finals are approaching. I'm almost out of school for the year, so yay. I am almost done being a high school freshman, hang in there for a few more weeks. Anyways, due to finals and the mass amounts of studying I need to do to prepare for finals, I'm gonna have to delay my monthly EBO: Resume chapter. Meaning, this month's chapter will have to be released next month, which will push back the entire monthly schedule I have back one in response. Sorry in advance to any fans of Entity Burst Online: Resume.

    Chapters will begin monthly publications soon, just gonna have to wait a bit because the school year is wrapping up.

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  • FedeTkd


    May 18, 2017 by FedeTkd

    Hi guys.

    You might've realized that I haven't been around here lately, and that's because college's being a total biatch lately. I have a LOOOOOOOOOO...OOOOOOOOOOT of things to do and to study, so I haven't been on chat lately or editing (not like I have much to edit in any way).

    Also, in case you're reading my story, I haven't written a single line since I uploaded the last chapter back in March. IDK when I can continue, but it will, because believe me, I want to.

    I'm also looking for a job or internship somewhere, so less time to write again.

    Nevertheless, I'm still always there, looking over what's going on.

    That's it. I just wanted to update you guys.

    Cya later.


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  • PercyJacks

    N: There's no one here anymore



    Not even Nii-sama.

    Who usually is here.

    T: Well, he does have a job now.

    N: Yeah, that's true…but even during the night, when he's usually available after his job is done, he's not there.

    T: At least you know he's alive. Since he's on Persona 5 a lot.

    N: I guess…

    Y: What are you complaining about, then?

    N: It's getting lonely here…

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  • FedeTkd

    EUO Player Page Layout.

    April 11, 2017 by FedeTkd

    *Note: Hi guys. I've been meaning to create this page for a while now. As the title says, This is a layout for EUO players. This page will mostly follow the Player Page Layout, but it will have several key points I emphasize on, and that I also use for my EUO player pages. Of course, the first requirement ( and most important one as well) to create an EUO player, is to have my authorization.

    Of course Here goes the introduction. Here write the character's name, his race, the role he has in your story and the story he's a character of. You should also use the Player Infobox1 here, with all the data in requires.

    *Note: In this section, write about your player's various appearance. I've written in EUO's page that most of the appearance of all E…

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  • Shortkut

    The NTF Saga: Prologue

    April 6, 2017 by Shortkut



    November 7, 2024: Floor 75 Dungeon

                The assembled players spoke to each other in tense, hushed tones, shooting nervous glances at the large double doors that led to the boss room. The musical chimes of the game menu echoed through the dimly lit antechamber as they all equipped weapons and armor and readied healing potions and buffs.

                Zakira’s eyes panned the room. He couldn’t remember the last time so many guilds had come together for a boss fight. Most prominent of course were the silver and blue of the Divine Dragon Alliance, led by King Talon, and the scarlet and white of the Knights of the Blood Oath, commanded by Heathcliff. There was also the red and gray of Klein’s guild, Fuurinkazan, and the green of th…

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  • Daughter.of.Shadows

    Happy 1st of April! 

    Truth be told my friends and my family are out to get me today so I won't be online as much today. Anyway, I hope that I can get online later today but I'm not so sure >.< Anyway, that's all I'm saying. Bai Bai

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  • Wolfram the Lone Warlock

    And so do the game. The Warlock just got stuck on a tragic series of catch22's.

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  • TCTStudios

    I seriously hate myself for forgetting about my story Light in the Darkness, as well as how I offered to work on an opening to SAOF Arena.

    I apologize for never alerting anyone about my hiatus. To be honest, when I started work on LitD, my high school allowed students to use a Chromebook, and I used that thing A LOT, including to check on things here every day and also to write my story. In May, they took the Chromebooks back, I had to take final exams, and I kinda forgot once I graduated in June. I told myself I should get back to LitD, but I never remembered to work on it some more. The last I remember, I was working on Chapter Five, so I plan to finish it by next week, and get back to uploading Chapters once a week. I also have plans to …

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  • Ishimura Elite


    November 8, 2016 by Ishimura Elite






    I'm so fucking happy

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  • Djinnamon

    S i guess i should explain. Today i had test and i mother made it abundtely clear i had to go. However my computer time was wrong because of the black out Yesteday (at least that was what i was told) and was a hour behind. When i found out it was already 8:20 (school starts at 8:00). The teacher of my class already dislikes me becuase i came late multiple tikes prior and had called in my mother once.

    So a few minutes called to find out if i went and got extremely angry with me. Then told me that she is taking the computer and if i don't go today she'll tell the teachers. Right now i'm extremely hurt mainly cause she didn't even allow me to properly explain , she is taking one of the more important aspects of my life (the thing that allows m…

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  • Daughter.of.Shadows

    The weirdest thing has been happening, no one has been on SAOF Chat today? I'm confused, because it's usually the most active during this time ;-; I feel like you guys are avoiding me on purpose. I even went to the extent of going to a random wikia and talking because I WAS THE BORED. Someone save me, I don't even know what to do, it's so boring and i feel like im going to die of boredom.

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  • Ishimura Elite


    October 9, 2016 by Ishimura Elite


    Came super close, though.

    The storm decided to wobble just a little bit further off the coast when it passed by my place. It could've been a lot worse. A LOT worse. If it was any closer, I wouldn't have a home anymore. The winds got so strong it took an entire hotel's side down. You can see into the rooms from the side. Gas station awnings are flipped over or torn to shreds. Road signs are on the ground, and so are trees, if they aren't in houses. Some house roofs are just gone. A1A, a road going northbound, has an entire lane that's gone. The sand underneath it was pulled out by the storm and the asphalt just collapsed underneath it. There's a ton of damage, millions of dollars worth. But the good news is that at most only…

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  • Daughter.of.Shadows

    Hiatus (AGAIN)

    October 7, 2016 by Daughter.of.Shadows

    So, yeah I'm going on a really long hiatus. I'm planning on coming back somewhere in December or maybe not at all. Apparently I'm not wanted here, so I'll take a break. Sorry If I don't talk to you guys, I'm not going to make excuses. Yes, I was being a bitch (excuse my language to those who care). So yeah. I'm leaving. Sorry guys. I'll be back whenever I guess. Cya around... SAOF.

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  • Ishimura Elite


    October 4, 2016 by Ishimura Elite

    According to the news, anyway.

    A state of emergency has been issued in all of Florida due to the apparently apocalyptic hurricane that's going to be coming around pretty soon, like within a week. Evacuations might happen, power outages WILL happen, large scale destruction all over the place, oh, my, what a bad time.

    So I could be, like, completely gone for a few days sometime within the week or so, depending. The Florida governor says that shit's gon' get fucked, so I'm writing this pre-emptively just in case things really do get fucked, though I've lived along the coast of Florida for years and have never needed to evacuate or anything ever, and the hurricane is supposed to just scrape by the east coast instead of hitting us dead-on like a …

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  • KamiOfWind

    That title though. So, I decided to write a story last night, just out of random ideas I had.

    The names are temporary, because I was too lasy to thing of good names.

    It's terrible, but I was bored.

    One final blast, and the beast fell. "Well, this place is cleared up!" I tossed my gun upwards into the air, pulled the small energy clip out of my pocket, and caught the pistol, sliding the clip into place simultaneously. Or at least, that's what a cooler version of me would do. Rather, my pistol was on the floor, and I was out of ammo. Letting out an exasperated sigh, I bent down to pick it up. When will I grow out of wanting to strike a pose when reloading? I asked myself, before laughing at my own thoughts that's an easy question, never!

    I turned a…

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  • KamiOfWind

    I may be kinda coming back, soon. I've been lonely recently, because I really have no one to talk to.

    If I do come back, it won't be the 24/7 thing it was before. I'll pop up every now and then, but only when I feel like it.

    And if any drama starts to rouse up, I'd go on hiatus. The last thing I need right now is some stupid drama on my mind.

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  • Daughter.of.Shadows


    Ok hi, I'm back. That's pretty much it.

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  • Ishimura Elite

    So I have to put things I save here as a URL.

    Please Understand.

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  • Akumation

    The ED for Danganronpa 3: Despair Arc is sung by the voice actor of Komaeda Nagito... AS Komaeda... 

    Ultimate Lucky Student? Pffff. More like Ultimate Bob Ross Level Of Calming Voice

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  • KamiOfWind

    Well then...

    July 19, 2016 by KamiOfWind

    My iPad is in working condition once again. Don't ask how, I honestly have no idea. But this blog is not me coming back, however.

    I've been able to spend time on many more things I like to do ever since I got seperated from the wiki. I've spent more time with my family, I'm more active, and I'm free from all that drama. So yeah, I have decided to stay away from the wiki.

    That's all I have to say. Goodbye.

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  • PyroHunter16

    So... I've been thinking about potentially opening a request pool. What I'm going to do if I take requests is weapon art. You've probably seen some of my weapon art around the wiki. For example, I'll list a few of the weapons I've drawn. Defiance, Dusk and Dawn, and Stampede are a few. They're not my best, I understand that. But that's not the point. My point is: I will draw the weapon you request. Anyone may ask me a request, just comment below what it is. I will provide colored drawings, but I might not have the proper colored pencils for the request. So if you know how to manipulate images, just take your finished request and manipulate the colors on the image to your liking.

    Once again, here are the details: Post your weapon art request…

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  • KamiOfWind

    So... My iPad is broken. Yep. Done, dead, won't turn on, left it on the charger overnight, tried numerous times to turn the blasted thing on, nothing. So, yeah. Kami/Megami is gone. I have a message for each of you guys.

    • Ishi: I know you haven't liked me for a while now, and there is nothing I can do to change that. But I'll still miss you, man. You remind me of more good times than bad, it is not easy to say goodbye.
    • Pyro: Even though we only got along what I'd say a 50/50 amount, I still consider you a friend. You are a cool guy, actually. Yeah, you are impulsive, but I think I have been way to much of a jerk about that. So I am sorry. Being impulsive is not always a bad thing. Bye bye...
    • Djinn: Our friendship is a roller coaster, ain't it?…
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  • Don'tHateOnFate

    Just made this blog so I can discard some old drawings and draw new ones. I want to draw at least one character for each VRMMO on this wiki. I will be submitting these characters for adoption, meaning if you guys want one it's up for grabs. I don't think I will be perfect on the interpretations of how your VRMMO characters should look, so don't expect much.

    Next VRMMO: Enchanted Realm Online

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  • Wolfram the Lone Warlock

    Just a demo...

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  • Ishimura Elite

    It's My Birthday

    June 14, 2016 by Ishimura Elite

    Yay, I guess

    Another year of the same boring, miserable shit

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  • Wolfram the Lone Warlock

    Is it a waifu material enough though?

    Here's another with Wolfram wielding Lies & Deception.

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  • Wolfram the Lone Warlock

    'sup people. I'm here to explain a new standard to be used to the SAOF Arena pages. It is called Damage Calculation.

    The new standard to be used uses the same system League of Legends does for calculating damage. Here's the formula they use for Attack-Defense and Magic-Magic Defense:

    User's Attack x ( 100 / ( 100 + Target's Defense ) ) = Total Damage Dealt

    This is the standard formula to be used for normal attacks. While...

    Fixed Skill Damage + User's Magic x ( 100 / ( 100 + Target's Magic Defense ) )

    ... this one is for skills if it uses magic; and...

    Fixed Skill Damage + User's Attack x ( 100 / ( 100 + Target's Defense ) )

    ... if it is a sword skill.

    That means for skills, you must use these formulae. Here's Wolfram's Red Card skill for example.

    (… Read more >
  • Wolfram the Lone Warlock

    Did I made it moe enough though...

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  • Akumation

    RIP My eyesight T-T

    May 19, 2016 by Akumation

    I think I need glasses... The double vision in my right eye is getting worse, not to mention that it's slightly blurry ON TOP of the DV... and my left eye's starting to die away as well... So yeah... I may need glasses... or contacts but I prefer glasses. How else am I gonna flip off people without it being obvious?

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  • TCTStudios

    Okay, I'm not heavily involved with SAOF Arena's development: I put a character in. Simple.

    However, I'm really excited about the game, and I was recently watching the opening to the SEGA/ Capcom/ Namco crossover game Project X Zone 2: Brave New World, and I thought to myself...

    " Could SAOF Arena get an opening movie made?"

    You know, showing our characters and Paradox?

    We could even get someone to make an original opening theme song.

    Just an idea...

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  • Yuka Ichinose

    Since Kuya Dan works on the game and I've been giving him quite a lot of headache with my requests (don't forget to put 20 pieces First Love Juice in Mayu's inventory, pls), I thought I'd help out a little and work on our title screen.

    Nope, I don't have Photoshop and my internet is not in the mood to download. (Screw you, slow internet in the Philippines). I used GIMP for photo manipulation.

    Why is Mayu on the cover?

    • Because I have favoritisms- *bricked* Because she's the only one who's available and the one that fits the picture! >3> But really, I have favoritism- *bricked again*

    The text is pink-

    • Uh-huh, and pretty much the entire wiki is pinkish-violet. Shut up ka na lang :D dejk.

    Clocks and Galaxy-themed?

    • Because our main antagonist is Parado…

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  • Whizad

    Pretty much title.

    I, Whizad, am returning to active wikiing as of yesterday.

    I can't announce this with fireworks because I used them all last week to celebrate my mom's birthday.

    Anyhow, expect a full spread of edits and fixes and even a few new chapters within the next few daysish. Probably. I'm still working on actually writing the stuff.


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  • Daughter.of.Shadows

    Heyyo! It's Shade here. To those of you that know what "Pyraela" is, I need to rant about what the heck this is. To those of you that don't, don't bother, go away from this blog and read some other stuff lying around this wiki. I recommend the stories though. Back to my point, I need to talk about what bothers me about this.

    5. Ship went too far. Don't get me wrong, Aku and Miko are some of my closest friends here on the wiki, but come on guys, the shipping has gone way too far as to making a blog for it. Why is that even needed? Someone please clarify why you need to make a blog for a ship just because you got ship material.
    4. Why do you even care??? Why do you even care about what's going on? Let's think about it, why do you care if me and P…

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  • PyroHunter16

    Another Break

    May 11, 2016 by PyroHunter16

    Well, the title says it all. I might be going on another break because of my current feelings. There's a bunch of reasons for this.

    1. Pyraela ship - My primary reason for a break. Seeing as how so many people support this bullshit, I'm just not gonna go on chat to deal with it. SOLVED.
    2. Jealousy - I'm starting to feel jealous of Mika being with other guys, so I'll just avoid it entirely by taking a break.
    3. School - I've got state testing for the next two weeks, so I might just not be on so I can study. Besides, there's no real reason for me to join chat.
    4. Chat Death - The chat is dead most of the time I'm on, so there's that.
    5. Life - I want to take this time to think about my feelings, and to learn some self-restraint.

    For anyone that actually cares ab…

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