Item Info
Name Blizzard
Kanji 猛吹雪
Romaji Mō fubuki
VRMMORPG End War Online
Item Type Weapon
Sub-type Sword

Blizzard is a Soul Catalyst in End War Online. It is Haru Yamamoto's only melee weapon, which she wields with deadly precision and Anima infusion.


Blizzard takes the appearance of a traditional Japanese katana, with a silver front edge and a light silver back edge. Its blade is approximately 96 cm, with the handle approximately 36 cm. Speaking of which, the handle has an ornate wrapping of white cloth, with some minor light blue details.

The sheathe is black, with a gold-and-white wrapping around it, which Haru uses to wrap around her waist when not holding the sheathe in battle.


Since Blizzard is a Soul Catalyst, it is capable of Anima infusion to increase cutting power or the size of the sword blade. While it has a very limiting fighting style, Haru's fighting style focuses on high-speed, precise attacks, as opposed to Sento's wild and unpracticed techniques. With her augmented attacks, Haru can launch her sword attacks by channeling Anima into the blade and using the force of her sword swing to propel the Anima forward as a mass of sharpened Anima. Haru also wields her sword in an Iaido style, but sometimes switches to a Kendo style when she needs a two-handed attack style, tying the sheathe around her waist to do so.