Blessed Tear
Witch hunters rapier by dragonarmoury-d5x2ujz
Item Info
Name Blessed Tear
Epithet Sword of Revival

Fallen's Tears

VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location None
Quest None
Dropped By None
Item Type Rapier
Sub-type One handed
Status Owned

After escorting the non fighter character with the help of her brother and Klein's guild, The man tried flirting with Katie, and gave her the special item Divine stone of returning soul. Katie was surprised, but she promised to make good use fo it. Later on, there was a rumor that the stone could have been used to forge a weapon, but no one knew where it had gotten. Katie took it to a blacksmith named Lizbeth, she was rather good in rapiers, and she trusted the girl more than others. She took out the stone and asked her to try and forge her some rapier out of it. The weapon forged was none other then the Blessed Tear rapier, with the special effect of being able to revive someone within the next ten seconds they die. 



Sword Art Online


Blessed Tear

Rapier / One handed

Range: Short

Type: Thrust

Attack: 690 -710

Durability: 1100

Weight: 140

requires: 50

Poison resistance: 10%

Paralysis Resistance: 10%

Estimated Dimensions

Handle: 20 cm

Blade: 87 cm

Known User



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