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Personal Info
Real Name Undisclosed(Has gone by Blank for years both in games and real life)
Birthday May 16th, 2005
Age 17
Gender Female
Height 161cm
Weight 57kg
Occupation Student
Player Profile
Display Name Blank
VR Played Sword Art Online

ALfhiem Online

ALO Race Leprechaun
Occupation Blacksmith
Affiliation Blood Hawks
Base of Operations Floor 19
Status Alive
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IRL/SAO Avatar Blank has messily cut light red hair, and grey eyes. She wears a mostly grey clothing so as to blend in while gathering ores. Over said clothes, in order to maintain high mobility, she wears light leather padding that provides juts enough protection for her not to worry about basic enemies. The only metal armor she wears is her wrist guards and her shoulder plates, which she wears for sentimental value as they were some of the first items she crafted, luckily these don't hinder her movement much. She wears a piece of red and black cloth as a makeshift belt. She wears light brown boots a small metal spike on the right, used to assist in mining. When not in combat, she carries her pickaxe at her side, along with a handful of throwing knives in case things get dicey. In real life, she tends to wear a hoodie of no particular color, just the first one she grabs in the morning, grey canvas shoes(they're cheap so she has a few pairs), and either jeans or a skirt of some sort.


Blank has always been the girl who would rather listen to a conversation rather than participate. Though she cares about people quite a lot, she tends to act indifferent and emotionless, which is where her name comes from. She day dreams constantly and will often zone out in the middle of conversations without noticing. She's been very introverted as far back as she can remember and spends most of her time playing video games. She's never been very present when it comes to family, and will spend hours at a time talking to her close group of friends. She's never been one for being around people, and has anxiety issues when around large groups, but she still cares about them tremendously. Blank is very soft spoken and tends to talk rarely and only when necessary, unless she is either incredibly aggravated or she's explaining something. She is a perfectionist, but she is also incredibly disorganized. She wants everything to be neat and where it should be, but everything ends up getting mixed up and at some point she just gives up and lives in the disaster she creates.


Born in Busan, South Korea, Blank was given up for adoption shortly after birth. She remained in the orphanage until she was 4 years old, when she was adopted by a family who lived just outside of the city. Once she was old enough that her parents allowed her to use computers, she immediately became fascinated with video games and how they worked. When she wasn't at school she would spend countless hours playing various games with the few friends she had. She played games so much that her grades began to slip, so her parents took her computer away, which is when she began to resent them. Once her computer was returned to her, she would spend most of her time in her room instead of interacting with her parents as she use to. This is when she became very shy and began isolating herself from nearly everyone, which caused her to become somewhat afraid of people. She always had anxiety issues when it came to being around people, but this severely worsened it. She could barely be in groups of more than 10 people without panicking and having to leave. When she turned 14, she moved to her current home, just outside of Tokyo. When she hears about the NerveGear and Sword Art Online she immediately begins following the game and anything released on its development, intending fully to play the game on release day.


(Series title)


Percy- Close friend and guild member


Sword Art Online

  • Level: 68
  • HP: 11356

Main Equipment

  • Phantom Strike (Dagger-Player made by Blank herself)
  • Suns Protector(Shoulderguards-Player made by Blank herself)
  • Throwing knives


One Handed Daggers Slash Weapon Forging Light Metal Equipment Thrust Weapon Forging Light Metal Armor Forging
870 / 1000
800 / 1000
760 / 1000
650 / 1000
840 / 1000
Metal Refining Hiding Metal Equipment Repair
770 / 1000
880 / 1000
700 / 1000
==Notable Achievements==



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