Blade Shift
Skill Info
Kanji ブレードシフト
Romaji Burēdoshifuto
Category Unique Weapon Skill
User(s) Kyugo Rinagi
Appears in Sword Art Online: The Cold Sword


This skill is activated by thought and the user can move the hilt up and down the blade to whatever position is preferable at that moment.  When activated, the sword will glow white and will leave snow effects in the air.  There is a setback to this skill though.  When used, the user takes damage if he can't control the weapon properly.  One is bound to hit themselves unless they have control over the weapon.  It is the only weapon known to be capable with it currently is Kyugo Rinagi's "Reitō Mūnburēdo." Kyugo got the sword as a drop then slew five Drunk Apes at the same time, after which, he received Blade Shift.  


By moving the blade midswing, one could increase the momentum or even make someones block completely ineffective.  if you are swinging from above and they already have their sword there to block you could quickly semi-retract the blade and miss their sword making their block ineffective.

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