This skill, Blade Master's Promise, is property of Ishimura Elite.

Watch closely, now. This is the power of a Blade Master.
~ Ishi

Blade Master's Promise is a skill Ishi gains in SAO. It is the highest level skill attainable by a Blade Master, and is one of the most powerful skills in Sword Art Online.

The skill allows Ishi to wield all weapons he has obtained simultaneously, all the blades floating around him and capable of independent movement. The blades can be used to supplement attacks or be used defensively, and can be sent out to hit targets at medium range. Absolutely any bladed weapon Ishi owns can be used during this skill, as well as any bladed weapon in Ishi's proximity, being able to wield as many blades at once as there are in a given area. While this skill is active, Ishi is capable of easily wiping out legions of enemies and is able to overwhelm even the most powerful of foes with an endless onslaught of blades.

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