This item, Blade Master's Cape, is property of Ishimura_Elite.

The Blade Master's Cape is an item owned by Ishi, given to him by Iskandar for his 19th birthday.

Blade Master's Cape
Item Info
Name Blade Master's Cape
Kanji ブレイドマスターのケープ
Romaji Bureidomasutā no kēpu
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Item Type Clothing
Sub-type Cape
Status Acquired


The Blade Master's cape is an item of clothing that goes over the left arm, as opposed to over the back like most other capes. It is black with decorative white on the hem, and the insignia of Pendragon Court in the center in white, the Wings of Freedom. The collar is lined with fur.


Iskandar gave Ishi this cape as a belated birthday present. He explained to Ishi that the cape was not meant to represent Pendragon Court, but to represent the meaning behind their insignia, to be a symbol of hope and freedom as well as honor and strength as a Blade Master. He also gave the cape to Ishi in hopes that he would be his second in command of his armies, as well as being a battlefield general.

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