Black Wildcat
Item Info
Name Black Wildcat
Kanji ブラック ワイルドキャット
Romaji Burakku wairudokyatto
VRMMORPG End War Online
Item Type Weapon
Sub-type Crossbow
Status Adquired

Black Wildcat is a custom created crossbow owned and used by Daryl Wilson as his principal weapon in End War Online. It was crafted by Natalia Leyte.


Is a totally black crossbow, with details in chrome and silver. It has a revolver-like system of reloading, what means each time the shots, the crossbow automatically reloads with small intervals between each shot. Therefore, Daryl can shot this weapon as if it were an assault rifle. Each magazine has 50 bolts on each. It has also changeable sights: Holographic, ACOG, Nightvision and Heat vision.

Black Wildcat is also able to be portable, with the two sides two limbs folding in on the weapon and the stock retracting allowing for easy carry.

Black Wildcat bolts are smaller than common crossbow bolts. The bolts are also propelled with a system that works with propane gas, making shots longer, faster and more powerful. The bolt travel speed makes it able to easily pierce through soft targets and even heavy armor and cause great damage.

If Daryl wants or if the weapon is destroyed, he can remove the two limbs and the string, to use the weapon as a bow. While in bow mode, the bolt is way more powerful than on crossbow form.

Known Users


  • It's based on Daryl Dixon own crossbow, combined with the crossbow used by Gabriel Van Helsing.
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