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Black Flag
Guild Info
Kanji ブラック フラグ
Romaji Burakku furagu
VRMMORPG ALfheim Online
Founder Thatch
Focus Wining the GAW
Status Active

Black Flag is a pirate guild in New ALfheim Online.


The symbol of Black Flag is the signature Jolly Roger of pirates, which resembles the one of the real-life pirate Jack Rackham: three white skulls in the middle surrounded by four sabers. Two bellow the skull forming a cross and the other two sabers above pointing down forming another cross. The rest of the flag is black.


Very few is known about Black Flag, except the fact that they are outlaws fighting The Supreme Legion.


Unlike other guilds, they do not have a building. They sail in the seas in a frigate named "Narwhal". It is a large ship, with 100 meters length and 30 meters in width. Its hull was black, with hundreds of seashells encrusted on it. Halfway up, it became dark brown, and that color remained on the rest of the ship. It has four masts, one of which is the bowsprit. The foremast is the largest of all, with 60 meters high. The other three are 3/4 that size. As the figurehead, it has a white narwhal with its flips pointing backward and it's tusk aiming forward. The sails are colored cream, but since they are rarely cleaned, they have become grayish. It has a total of 28 magical-charged cannons, 14 of which are on the main deck, with seven on each side. There is the same amount on each side in the deck below. On top of the main mast, there is a black flag with the symbol of the guild.

Known Members

Notable Achievements


  • Narwhal is a medium-sized toothed whale that possesses a large "tusk" from a protruding canine tooth, similar to a unicorn's horn.
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