Black Death
Boss Info
Name The Black Death
Kanji ザー・ブラック・デス
Romanji The Black Death
Location Floor 32
Quest Plague
Weapon Khukri
Weakness Daggers
Item Drop Neon Red Returner
Status Beaten

The Black Death is visible usually only as a black robe, but when his HP is halved, he reveals himself to be a large red skeleton with a khukri.

He appears on floor 32, and his quest name is "Plague".


Black Death starts off wearing a large black robe covering him, when he gets his HP Halved, he reveals himself by loosing the coat. Without the coat, he looks like a large red skeleton, and he uses a khukri at all times


He uses a large Khukri, He has no attack pattern, it's completely random. He hovers around the dungeon, watching out for any players.

Item Drop

  • Neon Red Returner [LAST HIT BONUS]
  • Parrot Egg (FAMILIAR)

Known Challengers




  • This is the only boss in SAO to wield a Khukri
  • This is the first boss to wear a robe and loose it, to reveal his full body
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