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Tamed Beast Info
Name Bismarck (Biz)
Gender Male
VR Played Sword Art Online
Race Alrynian War Hound
Tamer Sveva
Status Alive
Appears In Misfortune Made Her Sword

Even painted and collared, the dappled hound acted every part the adorable murder machine.
~ Sveva on Bismarck

Bismarck is an Alrynian War Hound and appears as the tamed beast and partner of Sveva in the fan fiction Misfortune Made Her Sword. He was available as a potential reward for the quest «A Father's Woe», assuming specific hidden conditions were fulfilled prior to its completion.


Like all others of his breed Bismarck is a large-breed fighting dog. He bears a strong resemblance to certain Molosser breeds such as the Spanish Bulldog and Bullmastiff, though he is broader in the shoulder and heavier with muscle than either. He stands 70 cm at the withers and weighs in at 140 lbs.

Bismarck has a thick coat of short, fine hair that is primarily coloured slate gray. A dappled pattern marks it with patches of ashen white, and various shades of black and brown. He has a strong, square head, a short muzzle, and a large, broad black nose with a black mask set over the muzzle. His ears are set high on his head and are cropped to stand pointed up. He has a thick neck, with folds of skin gathering around the neck and facial wrinkles.


In general the breed is described as a natural guardian, fiercely loyal and protective of their home and charge. Following his being put under the ownership of Sveva, Bismarck immediately began to display these traits, going so far as to nearly attack Phaid unasked when the boy began to harass her, and keeps very close to her otherwise. He is a sensitive dog, all too quick to pick up on the subtle changes in his tamer's mood, and engages in widely varying behaviour in his attempts to keep her happy. At times he may persist in acting ridiculously silly, bounding about like a puppy to encourage playfulness, or he may simply pillow his head on her lap and lay quietly to offer the comfort of his presence.

Born and bred for the purpose, Bismarck also displays a certain instinctive thirst for combat, which lends itself well to Sveva's playstyle. Although uncommanded he still persists in protecting the thief, ruthlessly attacking those enemies closest that are perceived to be the greatest threat to her.


Arc 2: Saudade





  • Bismarck's name is in reference to the leonine companion of Kaiser Oblivion in Bravely Second: End Layer.
  • Bismarck's general appearance is inspired by various large-breed fighting dogs. His colouration is based on herding breeds such as the Australian Cattle Dog and Australian Shepard.
  • Originally Bismarck was to be a big cat like the boss from which he takes his name. This was changed only because I am a dog groomer and have a soft spot for big, short-haired dogs with wrinkly faces.
  • The Alrynian war hound is currently the only beast known to be tameable through a quest, rather than by chance.
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