Beretta 90Two Custom "Shiva"
Weapon Info
Kanji ベレッタ 90ツ カスタム 「シヴァ」
Romaji Beretta 90Tsu Kasutamu "Shivua"
VRMMORPG Gun Gale Online
Weapon Type Dual-Wielded Handgun
Quest N/A
Obtained/Made By Bought in the store for each Cr. 50K and customized for his own taste by Eclipse.

The Beretta 90Two Custom "Shiva" (ベレッタ 90ツ カスタム 「シヴァ」, Beretta 90Tsu Kasutamu "Shivua") is a customized dual-wielded handgun which used by Eclipse as secondary ranged weapon in the Gun Gale Online.


The "Shiva" is an customized version of Beretta 90Two. There are modifications included:

  • The Tactical Reflex Sight has been installed, proving its accuracy.
  • With the "Extended Mag", its magazine capacity has been increased to 20 rounds.


Gun Statistics

  • Caliber ― 5.56 mm (.223 in)
  • Barrel Length ― 14.5 in (370 mm)
  • Magazine Capacity - 20


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