Belphegor the Rage King
Boss Info
Name Belphegor the Rage King
Kanji ベルフェモン レイジ
Romanji Berufemon Za Reiji Kingu
Epithet Rage King
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location Floor 4 Boss Room
Weapon Teeth
Item Drop Balmung Blade
Status Defeated

Belphegor, the rage king is the boss of the 4th floor of Aincrad.


A mindless beast. A combination of the ferocity of a black bear, with long goat horns and six purple bat wings coming out of his back. He had big muscles, and sharpest claws, with flaming chains coming out of his forearms.. His skin was light brown, and in his chest piece he had red lines. His eyes went red as it attacks. It hare four long HP bars, as most bosses do


The boss battle place was discovered  by members of the army, and they opened the gate to have a look of the boss. Later they escaped, closing it.


  • Flight
  • Flaming chains
  • Strenght
  • Firepower

Known Challengers


  • Nine players on the Boss battle
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