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Auser in ALO
Personal Info
Name Andrew Hiru
Kanji アンドルー ヒル
Romanji Andorū Hiru
Birthday November 23, 2008
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 175 cm
Weight 63 kg
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Place of Residence Japan
Occupation Student
Marital Status Single
Player Profile
Display Name Auser
Epithet The Fire Eater
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
ALfheim Online
Occupation Guild Member
Affiliation Darkness Falls
Base of Operations Floor 13 (SAO)
Status Active
Primary Skill One Handed Sword
Unique Weapon Bloodspiller's Broadsword
First Appearance Right Back At It Again
Auser is one of the 10,000 players who were trapped in «Sword Art Online». He is one of the two players that Darkness Falls recruited in SAO.  His intense battle style is terrifying to experience and his war cry alone is enough to send his foes running in fear. His real name is Andrew Hill.



Auser is often covered in injuries from fights

Unlike most of the members of the guild, Auser is a native of Japan.  Although not a fan of any kind of MMO, Auser stole his sister's NerveGear and logged in on the day that SAO was launched.  While most SAO players grew depressed and/or lost bits of their mind when the game master revealed that the game was a death game, Auser responded with rage and shouted out against Akihiko Kayaba.  He fights with strength that stems from seemingly limitless anger and his moves are packed with extra strength.  Most players cannot use a broadsword without two hands, even though it is a one handed sword, because it is beyond their strength parameters.  However, Auser easily weilds one and has been know to equip a shield from time to time.

When Mattias was scouting for recruits, he came across Auser fighting 15 high level mobs by himself.  Auser defeated the entire pack, with just a sliver of health left.  Despite this, he was about to go and fight some more mobs without healing himself until Mattias stopped him.  Auser refused to join the guild unless someone could defeat him; at first Aiken decided to duel him and found that his moves were easily predictable and avoidable; however, his projectile weapons couldn't seem to put a dent in Auser's defense and lost after a thirty minute long battle.  Impressed, but still not satisfied, Auser didn't join the guild until Vin defeated him in a duel.  After SAO ended, Auser went to live with Jinx, as life with his family was too hard.


Auser is a short-tempered hothead; he is often found with injuries from some feud or the other.   However, he respects strength and rarely fights those that are stronger than him.  He hates to be smothered and takes pity as a personal insult.  In-game, Auser respects Vin and Aiken, but in real life, he will get into scrapes with Vin.  However, he leaves Aiken alone, probably due to Aiken's PTSD and guilt over killing so many players in SAO.   His anger led him to breaking his roommate's nose after discovering he had been watching him as he used FullDive technology.


Fairy Dance Arc

Auser is based on a character in the fan fiction, Right Back At It Again


Sword Art Online

  • Level: 55
  • Main Equipment:
    • 「Volcanic Broadsword」 (One Handed Sword- Monster Drop)
    • 「Fireforged Plate Armor」 (Armor- Crafted by Lisbeth)
    • 「Fireforged Gauntlets」 (Gloves- Crafted by Lisbeth)
    • 「Fireforged Sabatons」 (Shoes- Crafted by Lisbeth)
    • 「Fireforged Midguard」 (Belt- Crafted by Lisbeth)
  • Specialty
    • ​Player vs. Enemy - Although his moves are predictable, they are very powerful against mobs
One Handed Sword Heavy Metal Equipment Shield Martial Arts Parry
856 / 1000
744 / 1000
817 / 1000
785 / 1000
Blade Throwing Extended Weight Limit Sprint
899 / 1000
913 / 1000
756 / 1000

ALfheim Online

  • Level: 51
  • Race: Salamander
  • Main Equipment:
  • Specialty
    • Damage Dealing- Equipped with his race's fire magic, Auser can now maximize his damage output.
One Handed Sword Heavy Metal Equipment Parry Sprint Fire Magic
899 / 1000
865 / 1000
976 / 1000
644 / 1000
876 / 1000
Extended Weight Limit Dark Magic Martial Arts Tracking
977 / 1000
901 / 1000
908 / 1000
123 / 1000


  1. Right Back At It Again
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