This superweapon, Athenor, is property of Ishimura_Elite.

Technical Information
Function Colossus Combat
Range Infinite
Energy Electric
Historical Information
Construction August, 2045
Operator Renskr, Avalon-3
Deployment April 9th, 5416 AFI; Operation King's Valley
Destruction April 9th, 5416 AFI; Operation King's Valley

Athenor is a superweapon created by the Human Faction of End War Online


Athenor is a gigantic mass driver built to launch projectiles at immense speeds and energies. The gun uses photonic resonance to accelerate a projectile along four rails at near light speed to strike any target in the world nearly instantaneously and with such force the target in question would likely disintegrate with the amount of kinetic energy it is hit with. The amount of energy needed to supply enough power to Athenor during firing requires that all the power of Avalon-3 be diverted to the weapon, and the weapon requires a charging time of 10 minutes between shots with the generators of Avalon-3 at maximum capacity.

Deployment and Destruction

Athenor was deployed in combat against the Angel Colossus Exalt on April 9th, 5416 AFI, during Operation King's Valley. It was operated by Yamato Haseo due to the absence of the normal operator at the time, as well as due to Yamato's hightened senses and instincts as a Nephilim. In combat, Athenor managed to fire once, shearing off an arm of the Colossus, before Exalt retaliated by firing focused energy beams in the direction of Athenor, narrowly missing the cannon but causing it to detach from the turret base, falling onto its side. Yamato's Void abilities suddenly awakened and he used it to lift the cannon up and manually aim it as well as assist in charging a second shot, made much more powerful by the use of Void. With the second shot, the cannon ripped itself apart, but destroyed the Colossus in the process. This was the first and final deployment of Athenor in combat, and was the first deployment of a superweapon for use in combat against any adversary.

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