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Personal Info
Real Name Astrid Gunnar
Kanji アストリッド・ガナー
Romaji Asutoriddo ganā
Birthday November 29th
Age 22
Gender Female
Height 1.59 mts
Weight 42kg
Player Profile
Display Name Astrid Gunnar
Kanji (Display) アストリッド・ガナー
Romaji (Display) Asutoriddo ganā
VR Played Endless Utopia Online
Occupation Knight
Member of the Draco Royal Guard
Affiliation Dracos
Status Alive

The blazing heart of Astrid Gunnar will burn you down to the bone!
~ Astrid

Astrid Gunnar is a Draco player of Endless Utopia Online and a member of the Draco Royal Guard.


Astrid is a slender, athletic and well-endowed woman of average height with a well-toned body. Her three sizes are 90-61-59.

Matching her in-game house, she has vermillion eyes and mid-length golden hair which is often tied in a ponytail at the back of her head and two bangs that frame her face. Notably, her fangs are slightly longer than the average ones, an attribute that seems to unnerve most people, especially her enemies. More often than not, she's seen wearing a lighter version of the uniform and armor of the Draco Royal Guard. Due to her fighting style, her armor tends to get in the way, so she tends to remove it.


Astrid is a notable fight lover and risk-taker, embracing life-threatening situations with a sharp smile. She is a thrill-seeker, constantly searching for the next thing that could give her an adrenaline high. Despite being a noblewoman by birth in-game, she cares little about the lineage or upbringing of those around her, and she values and respects strength above all, and those she sees as powerful earn her respect.

She is though, loud and can be rather blunt, even if the situation causes conflict. She can be rather witty if the situation calls for it and is rather short-tempered with things or people that are too slow or that take their time too much. She can be rather teasing to her friends and comrades.

Astrid is extremely confident in her own capabilities as a fighter, proudly claiming that she can get out of any situation with nothing but her fist, legs, and Aera, whether she was facing one, ten or fifty enemies. She also preffers to fight alone rather than with somebody else, as she wants to rely on herself to win rather than on others. Though she can come off as cocky and somewhat arrogant with this claim, she always lives up to these comments.

She is also shown to have a lack of modesty or natural view of her nudity, openly admitting that if she were to curl down and cry if somebody saw her naked, she'd be no knight at all.


She is from Copenhagen, Denmark.

In-game, she was the firstborn child of House [REDACTED], and in-game daughter of Lord [REDACTED]. She earned her Knighthood quickly, and shortly after was promised to marry the son of a Draco lord. Astrid, however, didn't like this idea and she left her house, searching for adventure in Agea, even temporarily becoming a mercenary. For this, she was disowned by her house.

She participated in the Great Player War on the Draco side.


Helene Argyris

Astrid's queen and her.

Fellow Royal Guards

Kiryu Sanada

Astrid's former squire and student of Dragon's Dance.


Endless Utopia Online

  • Race: Draco
  • Aera-type: TBA
  • Occupation: Member of the Draco Royal Guard
  • Main Equipment:
    • [REDACTED] (Twin Bladed Tonfas)

Astrid is a notably skilled Draco player, with enough skill to earn her place as a member of the Royal Guard. She has immense Aera reserves and also an incredible level of control over it, mastering the advanced principles of Aera Point, Aera Flow, and Aera Enfold. Notably as well, she well-trained body. According to her fellow Royal Guards, her physical strength is the greatest of the five without the usage of Aera.

As befits her race, Astrid displays incredible skill in Fire (EUO), being a master of the element. She has shown skill in it's augmented and combined forms, but her skill with fire is still greater than with any other element. Astrid's main form of combat is Dragon's Dance, being a master in both Dragon's Fang Fist and Devil's Footprints. Though she is able to ignite her flames in the exact right moment before she strikes, Astrid prefers to keep them ignited most of the time, as to show her mastery over the martial art.

Though she prefers to fight unarmed, if the situation calls for it, she can use Knight's Armory to summon her weapons, her iconic twin-bladed tonfas, which not only increase the strength of her blows, but also allow her to slash and stab.

To complement her fighting style, she has also learned two Alteration skills Dragonscale and Accel Step. The former to increase the power of her strikes, allow her a better defense and withstand her own flames better, and the latter allowing her to dash across the battlefield in little to no time.


  • Etymology:
    • Astrid is the modern form of ÁSTRÍÐR. Derived from the Old Norse elements áss "god" and fríðr "beautiful, beloved".
    • Gunnar comes from the Old Norse name Gunnarr, which was derived from the elements gunnr "war" and arr "warrior".
  • Astrid is rather fond of alcohol, especially infused with hot spices.
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