Assault Ar-51
Weapon Info
Kanji アサルトAr-51
Romaji Asaruto Ar - 51
VRMMORPG Gun Gale Online
Weapon Type Assault Rifle
Obtained/Made By Floyd Larr

Assault Ar-51 is Floyd Larr(GGO) main weapon for his assassination when he needs to for shooting the opponents in the head and every organ he can shoot.


It's an AR-51 Assault Rifle, with the suppressor to shoot quietly, a flashlight to see in the dark if needed and scope to target your prey.


It's an automatic gun who was obtained by Floyd Larr(GGO), he customized the AR-51 on his own for the best hunting abilities like an eagle and the dragon.

Gun Statistics

Assault AR-51

Assault Rifle

  • Range: Long
  • Type: Assault Rifle
  • Attack:1500
  • Durability:2000
  • Weight:6.55 lb (2.97 kg)

Estimated Dimensions

  • Length:39 in (991 mm)
  • Barrel length:20 in (508 mm) with Suppressor:30 in(608 mm)