Arthur King
Noob Saibot
Personal Info
Real Name Arthur King
Kanji アーサーキング
Romaji Āsākingu
Birthday October 13th
Age 21
Gender Male
Height 174 cm
Weight 64 kg
Player Profile
Display Name Shadow
Kanji (Display)
Romaji (Display) Kage
Epithet The Shadow Spirit
VR Played SAO
Affiliation League of the Legendary Heroes
Status Decreased
Voice Actor Austin Trindle

Arthur King is a member of League of the Legendary Heroes and he's a human formerly and now he's a shadow from the undead and his goal is to have revenge against Samantha the Succubus and try to defeat his biggest fan Ken Yoshzimaru and He's a Spirit Level to make shadows clones and he can teleport himself to the different dimension.

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