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Army of Cerdic
Guild Info
Kanji アルニ オフ セルディク
Romaji aruni ofu seruderikku
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Founder Cerdic
Focus Conquering Aicnrad
Killing Players
Defeat the Royal Knights United Player Army
Base of Operations Multiple
Status Defeated

Army of Cerdic is the army of Cerdic, created with the objective of conquering Aincrad.


Once Cerdic was created by Skeith, he started gathering more and more monsters to his army, using his ability to turn any monster into an AI. The army grew fast. Cerdic's goal was to kill every last player of SAO and conquer Aincrad.


It had multiple bases from floors 26th to 50th, but all of them were temporal.

Known Members

  • Cerdic: the "King of Monsters", and absolute commander of the army.
  • Cynric: Cerdic's son, and his former second in command. Archenemy of Lance.
  • Boewolt: former third, and then second in command, of the Army.
  • Hagen: high ranking boss. Rival to Bors.
  • Thollbrad: high ranking boss.
  • Zerzogh: commander of the Goblins and Orcs in level 34th.


  • This army doesn't have an official name, it was named by the players of Aincrad.
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