Armature is the primary weapon of [REDACTED] in End War Online. 

Item Info
Kanji アーマチュア
Romaji Āmachua
VRMMORPG End War Online
Item Type Weapon


Armature is the world's very first and only Solid Energy Blade. It is a weapon made of solidified electrical energy. This makes the blade both weightless and incredibly powerful. The blade contains almost as much energy as a lightning bolt, and wastes very little of this energy through heat or light, giving its strikes the majority of its power. The sword is an energy katana, cleverly sidestepping the issue of creating the blade with the use of the scabbard, which creates the blade within the sheath, with the handle being used only to stabilize the blade.

As the blade is made of pure energy, it makes it entirely weightless. This makes the blade incredibly agile, being able to be swung as fast as one can swing their arm. This makes the weapon easy to handle, but very difficult to master, as the weightlessness of the blade results in nearly no tactile feedback from the weapon. As such, it requires someone with extreme coordination to handle the blade properly.

Blade Shatter

Armature's blade will lose power upon each successful strike, with each strike weakening the cutting power of the blade over time, requiring the weapon to be resheathed occasionally to recharge the blade and prevent it from shattering. Though this can be used to one's advantage, as a final strike that shatters the blade will release all its remaining energy at once, resulting in an explosive finisher that can cause major damage to a target. Additionally, the blade can be shattered manually, with a switch on the hilt overcharging the blade and resulting in the blade shattering immediately upon striking a target, allowing one to cause great damage to single targets on command.


The Armature is capable of an ability known as Afterimage, where the speed of the blade being swung is capable of leaving energy streaks that essentially acts as solidified cuts in the air or on a target that can continue to cause damage for a short while. They can also be used as area denial, as an Afterimage left in the air is capable of cutting something just the same as the actual blade until it fades away. This makes the weapon both extremely powerful and extremely dangerous, requiring esoteric knowledge to handle properly. It also gives the blade ranged abilities, being able to send waves of energy outwards to cut into distant targets.

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