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Arachnida Matriarch
Arachnida Matriarch
Boss Info
Name Arachnida Matriarch
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location Spider Caverns (19th Floor)
Quest Of Things Not Lost
Status TBA

Logically it had too many legs to be called a spider. But the resemblance was there, and logic was no comfort at all to the part of her mind screaming silent horror.

The «Arachnida Matriarch» is a large spider-based monster that can be found deep within the Spider Caverns of Aincrad's 19th Floor. She appears during the quest «Of Things Not Lost», although killing her is optional.

This boss appears in the fan fiction Misfortune Made Her Sword.


Like most other enemies in the area, the «Arachnida Matriarch» is mostly a drab brown colour, with some black and yellow markings. She bears a strong resemblance to members of the Widow family of spiders, most notable of which is the triangular orange mark on the underside of her abdomen. Compared to the other spiders that can be found in the area (the largest of which is the size of a large dog), the Matriarch is at least twice as large. Standing normally she comes up to the shoulders of the average player.




The Matriarch has a total of two health bars, fairly standard for a quest boss of her level.

  • Pincer - The Matriarch takes up an aggressive defensive posture, lifting her two front legs straight up. One of the legs will twitch to indicate the direction of the first attack, and afterwards she will stab out with her legs one at a time.
  • Pounce - When the Matriarch takes too much damage from a single attack she will retreat backward. She will then jump up and over the player(s) to land behind them. Any players caught beneath her will suffer normal damage and be inflicted with a «Tumble» status effect.
  • Envenomed - The Matriarch lunges forward to bite the player. If successful, the player takes normal damage and is inflicted with a «Paralysis» status effect lasting 2 minutes.
  • Webbing - The Spider Caverns are a big place. The Matriarch intends to fix that. She spits webs at the feet of the player(s), trapping those caught by the initial spray for five seconds. Players that touch the webs afterward are slowed. The webs remain in place for several minutes before disappearing.
  • Matriarch - At the beginning of the battle the Matriarch will shriek, summoning 2-5 «Spider Hatchlings» to help her. She will do so again every three minutes, assuming all of the previous «Spider Hatchlings» have been killed. After her health drops below 50%, she will also use this as an opportunity to retreat to the back of the room to replenish a portion of her health.


  • Number unconfirmed
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