Apocalypse Online
VRMMO Information
Kanji 黙示録オンライン
Romaji Mokushiroku onrain
Developer SubTrace Corp
Release Date October 14, 2045
Genre RPG
Usable Hardware NerveGear, Computer

Apocalypse Online, better known as AO, is a VRMMORPG set within an alternate world. It was launched to Beta Testers on September 12, 2044 and released to the general public on October 14, 2045


Instead of using a floor system, Apocalypse uses an open world system similar to that of Fallout 4.

It is set in an alternate world, where most of humanity has been decimated by the Jötun, large creatures of all shapes and sizes that first appeared in the 14th Century.

In the past, Humanity was helpless against the beasts, their current weaponry not being enough to battle their various abilities. However, Civilization was able to defend themselves via an ancient power known as the Dikut (Dy-Cut). With it, they were able to put the monsters in a dormant state.

The Dikut had limited energy, but it was enough to keep the giants down for many years. In the 21st century, however, the Dikut's energy was extinguished, and the Jötun awoke once more. The first giants to reawaken appeared in South Carolina, and the epidemic quickly spread across the globe, eventually receding humans to live in well-guarded settlements known as Forts.

With limited resources, the settlers needed a way to combat the monsters, and thus came the invention of Busters, a collective term of different weapons used to combat monsters, Jötun, and other players. Now, in the 26th century humanity must find a way to expand their territories and regain foothold on the world.


Apocalypse is about as buggy as Bethesda's games, and thus is under active development to try and neutralize these bugs. While it is a beautifully crafted world with unique innovation, the bugs are what keep it as a Medium-Quality game. It uses an open world set-up and has everything loaded into a large exterior cell, which can hit computers not designed for gaming with stuttering.


Over the course of time, people living in the different Forts have become more diverse.


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