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Ashe endgame
Personal Info
Name Saeki Anri
Kanji 冴希 杏理
Birthday April 4, 2003
Age 19 (Beginning of Aincrad arc)
Gender Female
Height 177 cm
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Place of Residence Asaka
Occupation University Student
Family Saeki Masaru (Twin Brother)

Ikeda Naomori (ex-boyfriend)

Player Profile
Display Name Ashe
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
Occupation Clearer
Previous Occupation Mid-level Adventurer
Affiliation Ursa Minor (Sub-Leader)
Partner Renee
Base of Operations Lunaris (9th Floor)
Status Alive
Primary Skill Two-Handed Halberd
Unique Weapon The Last Word (Halberd)
First Appearance Chapter 1: The Day of Beginnings

Saeki Anri, known as Ashe, is one of the 10,000 players trapped in Sword Art Online. She is the sub-leader of the clearing guild Ursa Minor and is the tritagonist of the fan fiction Misfortune Made Her Sword.


Ashe is a taller than average young woman. She has long, dark brown hair, most often styled half-up, half-down, and similarly coloured eyes.

Early on in the game she wears a red collared shirt with a leather breast plate, dark leggings and boots up to the knees.


Ashe is a very friendly person and is well in her element in larger social situations, though she seems to prefer one-on-one. She is considerate of other people, and tends to be a little too trusting, a fact Renee has exploited in the past for amusement. Ashe also enjoys helping people, and has difficulty saying no to people requesting favours. As a result, she often finds herself in over her head.




Arc 1: Into the Fire



Ursa Minor


Ashe is Renee's best friend since the 2nd grade. Despite their diverging interests, the two have managed to stay close over the years. While their opinions don't always align on certain matters, they each fancy the other their sister. They've built up a level of comfort with each other to match, having been shown to be okay with changing in front of each other and sharing a bed.


The two met in the fields surrounding the Town of Beginnings on the game's launch day and Ashe invited him along with her and Renee following Kayaba's announcement. She usually acts as the mediator in his arguments with Renee.


After saving her from a pack of Kobold Troopers in the first floor labyrinth, and the girl joined their party, she and Ashe developed a quiet friendship.

Legends Lost


Ashe was the first person Rapha met within the game. The meeting was a brief one, lasting only a few minutes or so in the main square of the Town of Beginnings during Kayaba's announcement. After the announcement, when Renee arrived, Rapha told Ashe to go and assured her that she would be okay.


Sword Art Online

  • HP: 1230
  • Level: 12

Main Equipment

  • «Bronze Halberd» (starting weapon)
  • «The Last Word» (Halberd - 42nd Floor Boss drop)
Two-Handed Assault Spear Light Metal Equipment Tailoring Search Extended Weight Limit
879 / 1000
950 / 1000
Cooking Fighting Spirit First Aid Leather Equipment
346 / 1000
712 / 1000
914 / 1000
785 / 1000

Music Theme

Olly Murs - Stick With Me (Audio)

Olly Murs - Stick With Me (Audio)

Lyrics Video)

Lyrics Video)

Falling in Reverse - It's Over When It's Over Lyrics

Falling in Reverse - It's Over When It's Over Lyrics


  • Ashe has a coffee addiction in the real world, and it carries over into SAO even despite the non-existent effects of caffeine in VR.
  • Her IGN is taken from the League of Legends champion of the same name.
  • Ashe's appearance is based on Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls.


  • "Will you marry me?"
  • "Just trying to think of something to make you shut up."
  • "It feels like I'm about to start exams again. Maybe a bit worse. I don't even think this is doing anything." (on the topic of coffee)
  • "I love you. You know that, right?"
  • (To Renee) "That horse is dead. Put the stick down."
  • "I'm not going to ask if you just said what I think you just said because I know it's what you just said."
  • (To Rikki) "It's coming from me: the ravishing creature standing in front of you."
  • "He's the nice guy who can go die in a ditch, remember?"
  • "Whatever you do, it's the right decision. Wherever you go, I'll follow."
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