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Andy Exeter / Extremer

(アンディー・エクセター / エクストリーマー)

Personal Info
Real Name Andy Exeter
Kanji アンディー・エクセター
Romaji Andi Ekusetā
Birthday January 16th, 2008
Age 18 (Lost Memories Arc / VAHALLA Code Arc)

19 (A New Journey Arc / Fate Online Arc)

Gender Male
Occupation Overseas Student of Arcadia International School

Part-Time Job Worker of Java Cafe and Restaurant

Family Unknown, Deceased

Kagami Shigure (Girlfriend)

Player Profile
Display Name Extremer / Mugen
Kanji (Display) エクストリーマー / ムゲン
Romaji (Display) Ekusutorīmā / Mugen
Epithet Extreme Vigilante

Mugen Player

VR Played ALfheim Online

Gun Gale Online
Fate Online

ALO Race Spriggan
Affiliation Solo Player (Formerly)
Status Alive
Appears In Sword Art Online FATE

Sword Art Online FATE II

Andy Exeter (アンディー・エクセター, Andi Ekusetā) is one of the main characters and the main protagonist in the Sword Art Online FATE and Sword Art Online FATE II. He is an VRMMO game player in the Gun Gale Online, ALfheim Online and Fate Online. His avatar name is Extremer (エクストリーマー, Ekusutorīmā) and Mugen (ムゲン, Mugen, lit. Infinity). Later, it was revealed that he was famous hacker known as the "Extreme Vigilante" (極端自警団, Kyokutan Jikei-Dan) for exposing the corruptions and "Mugen Player" (ムゲンプレーヤー, Mugen Purēyā, lit. Infinity Player) for always believe in anyone's infinite potential and named after his avatar, MUGEN.


Extremer's clothes consisted of black jeans with a black belt that had a large silver buckle, a black shirt that was worn underneath a black coat with white lining going down the sleeves, and black boots with white plates. He is also wearing a necklace which similar to his in the real world, and wearing a pair of black fingerless gloves.

As Mugen, his Extremer's clothes has been transformed with his clothes' has been upgrades into an angelic white-colored armored form with infinity symbol and metal flake accents on it.


His life is in shambles after his family has been murdered in mysterious accident during his childhood. Afterwards, he is attempts to rebuild his life by moving out to the Japan and during his stay, he was incredibly enjoyed it and decided to live in Japan.

However, his life has been fallen to the darkness as he finds out that his family murderer was found in the Japan and setting out his own mission; "Find the murderer and punish".

Personality and Character

He is strong-willed and very serious person as he always said "you must never easily believe in anyone because the trust will betray you someday". However, he is a fragile-minded character, even unintentionally embracing his own darker side, developing the split personality and become an cold-blooded, murderous and unstable person, presumably due to his family's death.

At the time, he's always a "lone wolf" because he knows that anyone will get hurt if anyone gets too close to him.

Main Chronology

Early Life

Lost Memories Arc

Returned Memories and Revelations

Final Showdown and Punish His Family's Killer


VAHALLA Code: Shutdown Complete

A New Journey Arc

ALfheim Online

Sudden Death and Birth of Mugen

Fate Online Arc

Other Chronologies


Main Articles: Andy Exeter/Relationships


Gun Gale Online (GGO)

ALfheim Online (ALO)

FAte Online (FAO)

Skill and Abilities

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Andy / Extremer / Mugen has shown himself to be a skilled fighter and certainly more experienced than most of characters.
  • High Intelligence: He was a gifted hacker and the exceptional strategist, finding many opportunities in any given scenario, ranging from direct assault to stealth ops to usage of drones.
    • Master Strategist: He has shown great skills at strategizing and planning in real world and VRMMOs.
    • Hacking Skill: Andy Exeter has shown to have an advanced aptitude for hacking, being able to manipulate data, cell phones, and basically any machinery within his surroundings
    • Weapon Creation/Crafting: Due to his very high intelligence about weapons, he was capable to create and customizing most of the weapon, both lethal and non-lethal in real world and VRMMOs.
    • Equipment Creation/Crafting: He was also able to manufacture drones, each possessing unique qualities and equipments in real world and VRMMOs.
    • Skill Creation/Crafting: He is very capable to create an unique skill all by himself which impossible for anyone to created, such as Überbringer, an unique skill which capable to keep his skills, weapons and everything he have without losing it.
  • Emotion Synchronization: After his revival and gained his new Avatar, Mugen; whenever Andy has synchronizes with an emotion resonating strongly within an individual or a group of individuals, his body will glow in a certain color, indicating that he has gained the ability to utilize a weapon attack in his Mugen avatar based on that particular emotion i.e. attacks like Joy Stream, etc.




Mugen (ムゲン, Mugen, lit. Infinity) was his final form of his Avatar and it was created when his friends' strong feeling has been connected to his spirit, allowed Andy Exeter to return from the eternal expanse following what initially appeared to be his final death.

His defense was highest than most of other players, allowing him to easily endured most of its attacks, In ALfheim Online, his flight speed is higher than most of other players, allowing him to achieve high flying speed.


Skill Slots


Gun Gale Online

Assault Rifle Handgun Revolver Dual-Wielded
978 / 1000
877 / 1000

Outside System Skills

ALfheim Online

One-Handed Sword Dual-Handed Sword Martial Arts Katana Blade Throwing
998 / 1000
Battle Healing First Aid Knives Evade Weapon Creation
934 / 1000
888 / 1000
Extended Weight Limit Sprint
865 / 1000
911 / 1000

Sword Skills

Outside System Skills

Known Equipments


Names Types Acquisition Notes
Extremer Blade Multiform Blade Player-made by himself

Used as primary weapon as Extremer.

Mugen Calibur Multiform Blade The weapon was created when his new avatar, Mugen has been born. Serves as primary weapon as Mugen.

Used as primary weapon as Mugen.

Gun Gale Online (GGO)

Names Types Acquisition Notes
M4A1 Carbine Custom "Ifrit" Assault Rifle Bought in the store for Cr. 125K and customized for his own taste

Used as primary weapon for ranged combat.

The assault rifle has been destroyed by Apergos in the final battle.

Beretta 90Two Custom "Shiva" Dual-Wielded Handgun Bought two pistols in the store for Cr. 100K and customized for his own taste Used as secondary weapon for ranged combat.

Taurus Raging Bull Custom "Azrael"

Revolver Bought an revolver in the store for Cr. 100K and customized for his own taste Used as tertiary weapon for ranged combat and used as a last resort.

FAte Online (FAO)

Names Types Acquisition Notes
Heckler & Koch HK416D Custom "Tribute" Auto Rifle
SIG-Sauer P226R Custom "Vanquish" Dual-Wielded Handgun

Notable Achievements


I've lost my family because of that scumbag and I've killed him. And now, there's no turning back. I have to keep moving forward. That's the only thing I can do. I have everything connected. I'll use it to protect everyone, to expose the corruptions and if it is necessary, I'll punished them.
~ Andy Exeter have decided to embracing his role as "The Extreme Vigilante" in the epilogue.
Don't trust anyone so easily. Because, the trust will betray you someday.
~ Andy / Extremer's motto
~ Andy / Extremer's battle cry
This is my / our turn now!
~ Andy / Extremer's main pre-battle catchphrase
I will decided my own fate!
~ Andy / Extremer's main proclamation before the finisher
Don't underestimate the weak!
~ Andy / Extremer's second proclamation before the finisher
Everyone's potential is infinite!
~ Andy / Mugen's main proclamation before the finisher

Notes and Trivia

  • Andy/Extremer usually refers to himself using the personal pronoun "Watashi" (私/わたし).
  • Andy's favourite food is one of the Japanese' cuisines, Yakitori and Oyakodon.
  • Andy/Extremer's favourite color is black and white, as his every clothes was mainly black and white.
  • The name "Extremer" matches the first letter and last letter from Exeter.

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