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Amanda Hathaway
Personal Info
Name Amanda Hathaway
Kanji アマンダ·ハサウェイ
Birthday July 2nd, 2026
Age 18
Gender Female
Height 5'6"
Weight 128lbs
Eyes Red
Hair Black
Place of Residence Halmstad, Sweden
Player Profile
VRMMORPGs Played End War Online
Unique Weapon Queen of Diamonds

Amanda Hathaway is a player of End War Online, and is one of the three known Nephilim


Amanda Hathaway commonly wears a white leather jacket with long sleeves and red trim and details, with a black shirt, black jeans, and boots. She also wears a red ribbon to hold her hair up in a ponytail. 



Amanda is usually calm and mature in most situations, but can be hot-headed sometimes, especially when in a good fight, where she can get excited and tends to go all-out. She is smart and strong in character, and as such she holds the respect of most people who meet her.


As a Nephilim, Amanda's abilities far outreach those of other Demons. Her abilities in destructive Soulcraft are unparalleled by anything outside the other two Nephilim, easily being able to level the battlefield with a swipe of her hand. Her Persona, Mephisto, embodies her true abilities, displaying terrifying power that few others can withstand. Though her power is great, control over these powers aren't as refined as those of Michael Christen or Yamato Haseo, with the abilities of Dark being more all-out destructive and less precise than the abilities of Light and Void, respectively.

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