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Personal Info
Name Amamiya Nagise
Kanji 奄美渚
Romanji Nagise Amami
Birthday September 3rd
Age 16 (Aincrad Arc)
18 (Endgame)
Gender Male
Height 5'8" ft (Aincrad Arc)
5'9" ft (Endgame)
Weight 62 kg
Eyes Brown (Blue in-game)
Hair Brown (Black in-game)
Place of Residence Shibuya, Japan
Occupation High School Student (1st-year)
Family Noboyuki Nagise (Father)
Mami Nagise (Mother, Deceased)
Makiko Nagise (Younger Sister)
Player Profile
Display Name AMAMIYA
Epithet Mahesvara
Occupation Guild Leader
Previous Occupation Player Killer Killer
Affiliation Phantom Blade Guild (Leader)
Base of Operations Floor 1, Town of Beginnings
Status Active
Primary Skill Ballot of Misery
Unique Skill Scythe Master
Unique Weapon The Terror of Death
First Appearance A New World of Misery, Part I

This world is only made real because of the players that inhabit it. We're the only real things in here. That's why you should fight. Not because you want to escape a fake world, but for the other people you want to see again. The people who are real.
~ Amamiya, "The First Step"

Amamiya Nagise, handle [AMAMIYA], is the protagonist of the upcoming story, Sword Art Online: Project Realization. He is one of the 10,000 players trapped inside of the death game, Sword Art Online.

A year prior to the release of SAO, Amamiya was involved in a car accident where he fell comatose. His sister has since visited him everyday in the hospital without fail, and on the day the game was released, uploaded it into his Medicuboid.

In Sword Art Online, Amamiya is one of the many clearers seeking to complete the game. In addition, he is the leader of his own guild, "Phantom Blade."


There is little difference between Amamiya and his avatar, even before the death game "truly" began. He has shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. In flashbacks of his life, he is seen wearing a black jacket with a magenta-colored hood and black gloves, along with dark jeans and thick loafers.

As [AMAMIYA], his Avatar's appearance was more or less his IRL look, though his hair was slightly longer. His armor pieces have him wear a sleeveless leather jacket with a zipper up at the front, along with several straps. Underneath the jacket is a black shirt lacking a right sleeve. Around his right wrist is a bracer with a red gem attached and a leather glove. Wrapped around his neck is a red scarf, which is an accessory called [Promise of the Netherlands.] At his left side, he wears a white and red pauldron on his shoulder along with a gauntlet that comes up to the forearm. Below, he wears a complex belt with a ridiculously large strap, attached to a red buckle that resembles a flame. Accompanying this piece is a pair of dark brown trousers with white and black greaves coming up to his knees.






Kirito / Kazuto Kirigaya

Asuna / Asuna Yuki


Sword Art Online

  • Level 82
  • HP: 14,729
  • Main Equipment
    • The Terror of Death (Main Weapon, Scythe), Rhongomyniad (Original Main Weapon, Spear), Wanderer's Armaments (Armor Piece), Champion's Gauntlet (Armor Piece), Promise of the Netherlands (Accessory)

As one of the clearers, his skills are said to be on par with even that of Kirito, who is claimed to be the strongest player in Sword Art Online other than Heathcliff. He has incredible proficiency with his spear, but since obtaining the unique skill, "Scythe Meister," he has developed a liking to his primary weapon.


Smithy Acrobatics Battle Healing Sprinting Cooking
100 / 1000
950 / 1000
825 / 1000
450 / 1000
Fishing Hunting Tracking Scythe Meister
650 / 1000
900 / 1000


  • According to Klein, despite Phantom Blade's small size, Amamiya and Heathcliff are known as the "Great Duo Guild Masters" due to their feats and accomplishments.
  • Amamiya's SAO Avatar is loosely based off of Ye Xiu's "Lord Grim" from King's Avatar.
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