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Personal Info
Real Name Alyssia Ichizumi
Birthday April 25
Age 13
Gender Female
Height 3'6"
Weight 79 Pounds
Occupation Student and Volunteer
Family Unknown
Player Profile
Display Name Ichissa
Epithet The Gentle Warrior
VR Played New ALfheim Online
ALO Race Cait Sith
Occupation Beast Tamer
Base of Operations Freelia
Status Alive


In Real Life Alyssia Ichizumi Is a very short girl at 3 feet 6 inches (1.07 meters) with dark purple hair. She is relatively skinny and has relatively long hair. She generally wears brightly colored dresses excluding her school uniform andher neon shirts that go with her skirts. In ALO her avatar Ichissa she is an average height for a Cait Sith with green hair a skinny body with relative proportions for her body.


She is Very Bubbly and helpful, often Exploited by those around her. Alyssia Is very caring for animals and spends more time around them than other people.


Before diving into VRMMORPGs Alyssia was a student at one of the local schools, a volunteer veterinary assistant and volunteer at local animal shelters where she heard many people Talking of ALfheim Online and she decided she would get the game and hardware when she earned enough Money.


(A friend abandoned)

Having only dove into the game once, having decided her race, Choosing to be Cait Sith having a very strong love for animals. She entered the game, amazed at the beauty of it all, and making her way to the territory of the Cait Sith. She finds her way to Freelia where she is currently, having to get off for another shift of helping at the shelter.


Alfheim Online

  • Level:
  • HP: 500
  • MP: 100

Main Equipment

  A Long Bow
  Shadow bite- A simple +1 dagger forged as a gift by a wandering Blacksmith


Two-Handed Bow One-handed Dagger Frenzy
70 / 1000
40 / 1000
20 / 1000

Notable Achievements



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