Alteia was an ancient kingdom described in the lore of End War Online.


Alteia was one of the two largest Human kingdoms of Eden, the other being Altria. Alteia, along with Altria, was a powerful and prosperous kingdom that represented the strength of the Humans of Eden. It was one of the longest lasting kingdoms of man, being one of the few that managed to survive The First Void Insurrection and recover well from it, lasting for many more years before finally and quietly fading from history.

During the prime of the Kingdom of Man, Alteia and Altria were the two most powerful kingdoms on Eden, and was ruled by a mighty and noble king. The throne was defended by Lord Knights Falken and Ciell, who ensured the safety of their king and the continued prosperity of their home.

The First Void Insurrection

It is known that during The First Void Insurrection, the First Void Avatar personally attempted to destroy the kingdom, searching for an unknown item of great power. This was thrwarted by the heroic efforts of the kingdom's brave army, who stood tall against the Void, as well as more specifically Lord Knight Falken, who personally confronted the Void Avatar and Erebus to bring an end to the Insurrection. Why the Void Avatar was seeking this object, as well as what the object itself was, is currently unknown.

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