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Personal Info
Gender Male
Player Profile
Display Name Alrik
Kanji アル
Romanji Aru
VRMMORPGs Played ALfheim Online
Occupation Lord
Status Active
Primary Skill Dagger
Alrik (アル, Aru) is the Lord of the Imp race and an skilled PKer. He was made the commander of the Imps after assassinating the former leader of the race.  He is a skilled strategist, using every force at his disposal to take on foes far stronger than his army.    


Near the very beginning of the game, the Imps elected a forgotten player to be their Lord.  However, this player soon revealed himself to be greedy and oppressive.  Unsatisfied with his leader, Alrik killed the Lord when he was on a parade outside of his capital city.  Resigning themselves to another bad leader, the race elected Alrik as their new Lord.  However, Alrik soon proved to be a brilliant commander and graceful Lord.


A strategist, Alrik coordinates attacks on the other races while his advisors handle the exports of precious gems and ores. He has been known to make temporary agreements with the Gnomes and Salamanders for the benifet of his people.


Fairy Dance Arc

In ALO, Alrik has made his capital city rich and powerful through the export of minerals mined nearby and his raids on the other races in the night.

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