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Alpha Supernatural Online
VRMMO Information
Kanji アルファスーパーナチュラルオンライン
Romaji Arufasūpānachuraruonrain
Developer Techtics Co.
Release Date March 2, 2090
Genre RPG, Supernatural
Usable Hardware NerveGear, Amusphere, (others, specify)>

Alpha Supernatural Online is a VRMMORPG created by Techtics, beta released on January 16th, 2090 and world-released on March 2nd, 2090. Alpha Supernatural is a VRMMO based on the Supernatural World, consisting of Angels, Demons, Wolf-breeds, and various other races. Gamers who had played Elemental Forces Online can log in to their account from EFO, and gain credits between both games.


Alpha Supernatural Online, also known as ASO, takes place in a multiverse with multiple servers across the world. Techtics created the servers and worlds from the World Seed.


The ASO is an overly populated universe, so the races are constantly going to war and making alliances. The object of the game is for one alliance to take control of that universe, then head to a larger war with the other universes.


Races are split between 3 categories, 1st set races, 2nd set races, and System-Chosen races.

1st set races

When first logging into ASO, the system generates 2 categories of races that players able to choose between when given the system-chosen category. The First Category is:


Taken from Techtics's previous game, Elemental Forces Online, Manipulators are an avatar used for controlling an Element Magic. For more information on Manipulators, go to Elemental Forces Online under races.


Wolf-Breeds are similar to the common werewolf, but can transform between wolf form and human form. These avatars are able to control Moon Magic.


Angels, which are common in Supernatural-type VRMMOs, are a race that is able to fly using feathered wings on the avatar's back. Angels are related to a 2nd Set Race known as the Fallen Angels. Angels are able to control Holy Magic.


Demons, also common in Supernatural-type VRMMOs, are a race that is able to fly using fiery wings on the avatar's back. Demons are resistant to fire and are weak to water when in flight. Demons are able to control Abyss Magic, which is named after the never ending darkness of the Demon's territory.


Nephilheimers, another common race in Supernatural-type VRMMOs, are a combination of the Angels and Demons. Nephilheims are able to use their fiery, but feathered wings in flight and are able to control both Holy Magic and Abyss Magic.

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