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All Seeing Eye
All-Seeing Eye
Skill Info
Kanji 全部見る目
Romaji Zenbu Mirume
Category Combat Skill
Unique Skill
User(s) Akatsuki Tokugawa

All Seeing Eye is a unique combat skill to Akatsuki Tokugawa. It is given to the most Versatile player. Akatsuki was also able to import this skill to ALO, and GGO.


All Seeing Eye is an ocular skill that Grant's Akatsuki Enhanced Accelerated Perception. This allows Akatsuki to predict his opponents' movements and anticipate their attacks. Akatsuki can then either evade with near perfect accuracy or create an effective counter attack. It can anticipate the attacks of multiple players at a time and take in vast amounts of tactical information and memorize it during battle. As a result of its memorization abilities one can memorize and copy opponents techniques if they are not unique skills, techniques that is within the user's own skill capabilities, and if the skill is achievable by the user's character class. It also give access to night vision that is stated to be superior than the night vision feature within the Searching skill. Akatsuki has stated he can see in color like it was daytime in the dead of night. Later it is discovered he can use this skill in combination with Illusion Magic in ALO in order to use Ocular Hypnosis. Akatsuki has also been able to see another player's Runic Power in SAO as well as Magic Power in ALO. In turn he can also see how much power they have left or how they might use such power based on signature. It is revealed later in the story that this is the only skill that can counteract other unique skills such as Darkness Blade, being able to avoid attacks that deal true damage.


  • Evasion A simple technique, it allows Akatsuki to evade nearly any attack with near perfect accuracy.
  • Counteraction A simple technique that allows Akatsuki to perfectly time a counter attack or a counter defense.
  • Memorization A skill that allows one to perfectly memorize any form of information and copy opponents' techniques that are within Akatsuki skill level and skill types.
  • Shared Vision A technique that is used with Akatsuki's custom skill, Doppelganger. It allows him to share vision with his clones.
  • Mirage A technique in ALO in which Akatsuki Uses Illusion Magic through the All Seeing Eye, resulting in a form of Ocular Hypnosis.
  • Analyze A technique used to assess others' abilities and traits and seek what options are available to the player in terms of possible combat.



  • This was inspired off of the Sharingan and Strike Vision.
  • Shared vision is based off of the Six Paths of Pain.
  • It is also noted this skill is the only one that can counteract Darkness Blade.
  • It is noted that in ALO and SAO, Akatsuki can use this to see another's Runic Power and Magic Power.
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