Alicia Mitchels is a Player in End War Online

She is the Guild Leader of Hell Hounds


Alicia Has red hair and deep green eyes wears a light combat military vest over a red dress and wields a double barreled shotgun. Frequently she can be seen with a throat mic as well as an operations headset.


Alicia picked up End War Online shortly after it first came out. During her early runs Ivan Chernovsky helped her through some of the more challenging missions and grindquests. After some time she decided that she would start up her own guild to gain access to better weapons and teamwork. She then founded the Hell Hounds and invited her friends into the guild.


Alicia has a spitfire personality, she'll go off like a loose cannon on a hairpin trigger. Regardless, she Coordinates Hell Hounds with calculating efficiency. When dealing with contracts she is very to the point and makes it certain that her side is the one reaping the most benefit.

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