Alexandra Gremory
Personal Info
Real Name Alexandra Gremory
Kanji アレクサンドラグレモリー
Romaji Arekusandoraguremorī
Age 17
Gender Female
Height 167 cm
Weight 60 kg
Family Floyd Larr(Love-Interest)
Player Profile
Display Name Alexa
Kanji (Display) アレクサ
Romaji (Display) Arekusa
Epithet Angels of Beauty
VR Played SAO
Affiliation League of the Legendary Heroes
Status Alive
Voice Actor Kristi Kang

Alexandra Gremory is a Vice Leader of the League of Legendary Heroes and her Level is an Angel for her love of her heart to her favorite guild and also she also has a goal to achieve her destiny is to defeat The Demon Dragon Knight and Samantha the Succubus and also her main goal was to be with her love Floyd Larr.

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