Akira Izanagi
Personal Info
Name Akira Izanagi
Kanji イザナギ 明
Romanji Izanagi Akira
Birthday April 27th, 2027
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Weight 172 Lbs
Eyes Dark Red
Hair White
Occupation High School Student
Family Father - Alive
Mother - Alive
Player Profile
Display Name Akira
Kanji アキラ
Romanji Akira
Epithet Chromatic Fire-Starter
VRMMORPGs Played Endless Utopia Online
Occupation Sword-for-Hire/Bounty Hunter
Partner Akeno Izanami
Status Alive
Unique Skill Chromatic Flames
Unique Weapon Bianco & Nero
First Appearance [REDACTED]

Just carrying out my contracts. Nothing personal.
~ Akira Izanagi

Akira Izanagi is a high-school student and a player of Endless Utopia Online. He is the main character of [REDACTED]. He attends Bakusou Academy with his childhood friend, dorm mate, and classmate Akeno Izanami.



In-game, Akira wears a long white two-tailed overcoat with red details, various buckles, red armored shoulder pads, and a high collar that has been folded down half-way to reveal the red interior linings. Under that coat is a dark grey and red waistcoat with a white button-up shirt and a yellow tie, dark grey combat pants, red fingerless gloves and white combat boots. He carries Bianco in a sheath on his left hip and Nero in a holster behind his waist.

After [DATA UNAVAILABLE] happened, Akira has changed his entire outfit. Now he wears a white, tight-fitting, long-sleeved shirt with red details; dark grey combat pants; dark grey and silver combat boots; lightly armored bracers, greaves, and shoulder pauldrons; black fingerless gloves; and a black and red Jinbaori coat with a high collar that can be buckled together and three coattails, featuring a red rose pattern on its back and the coattails all connected by several thorny vines. Bianco is sheathed on his left hip, with Nero holstered on his back and Shuiro sheathed behind his waist. Occasionally, he wears a black mask with two angular eye slits, and a wilting rose pattern in red emblazoned across the mask.

Real Life

In real life, Akira commonly wears the standard uniform of Bakusou Academy, being a heavily stylized black blazer, a white button-up undershirt, slacks, dress shoes, and a dark red necktie; the male uniform is required to have a red necktie, with a pin on the blazer's lapel denoting the student's class and year. According to the academy rules, the dress-shirt must be fully buttoned up, the blazer must be buttoned up, and the necktie worn properly. However, Akira undoes the top button on his shirt to expose more of his neck, leaves his blazer unbuttoned, and wears his necktie loosely. Often times, he removes his necktie and ties it around his left wrist because it bothers him.

On days off, he's usually seen wearing grey jeans, black-and-red shoes, t-shirts with varying designs, and a red and white jacket with a stiffened collar. He is always seen with a golden chain necklace with a gilded red gem as a pendant, which was a gift from his mother.


Akira was born to a wealthy family, who raised him to be a smart and compassionate child. He lived a happy life with his childhood friend Akeno Izanami, as their families knew each other and were close friends. On his seventh birthday, Akeno gave him a lovely golden necklace as a present, so he bought her a matching silver necklace to repay the favor. The two grew up very closely, and their parents didn't seem to mind their friendship. In fact, Akeno's parents even encouraged it, thinking that Akira would be a suitable fiance for her when the time came despite his hot-headed pyromaniac tendencies. His incredible intellect did get him into Bakusou Academy, which is where he currently attends school.


As previously mentioned, Akira has a great intellect and is a hotheaded person. His short temper is easy to set off, making him reckless and hellbent on getting retribution for the whatever angered him. He's the kind of guy who takes jokes to heart and is easily insulted. Despite his temperamental personality, he knows when to calm down and say "enough is enough." When he isn't enraged, he's calm and collected, easily solving complex equations mentally with ease. His intelligence is one of his greatest assets, allowing him to calculate his opponent's next move or manipulate his opponent into moving into a certain spot for him to get the upper hand.

Aside from this aspect, Akira has been known to be a friendly individual and a good friend, since he's a loyal and compassionate person. To Akeno, Akira shows a side of himself no one would expect him to have. This side is that of an older, protective brother, often getting jealous and telling people off if they try to ask her out. It seems he has some sort of crush on her, which is mutual. Akira is also known to have a flair for style, which is reflected in his fighting style in-game. He also shows an interesting attraction to fire, and heat in general. He has a tendency to play with lighters or matches, and even smokes. In-game, this translates to his signature ability: Chromatic Flames. By studying how fire works and how to create it, Akira can deduce ways of starting fires outside of his in-game powers if need be.


Endless Utopia Online

  • Race: Hybrid (Draco/Fairy)
  • Aera Type: Alteration
  • Occupation: Sword-for-Hire/Bounty Hunter
  • Main Equipment

As an Hybrid, Akira has specialized in combining two elements, Fire and Light, to create a new element known as Chromatic Flames, which have varying effects and abilities depending on the color of the fire. Due to intense training in order to use his Chromatic Flames, Akira has an unusually high amount of Aera. Thanks to his hybrid nature and personal training, Akira is highly proficient in using Fire and Light separately. In addition, his Energy Bending affinity is with Alteration; he often uses the Accel Step technique, and is currently learning to use Weapon Release.

Bianco & Nero are Akira's signature weapons. Separately, Akira uses them in a fighting style that is revolves around dodging. Nero uses Akira's Chromatic Flames as the source of its projectiles, creating and launching a bullet-shaped flame that has a different color to correspond with the specific flame used or releasing a steady stream of Chromatic Flames. This can be used as a ranged distraction while Akira wields Bianco and uses the Odachi to strike his targets and cleave them in half. He's capable of releasing Chromatic Flames with Bianco, acting as a projected sword slash created from Chromatic flames via a sub-technique Akira trained with.

When Bianco & Nero merge into their gunblade form, Akira uses the Monochrome Gunblade in a more brutal, yet stylish, fighting style. Attacks with this merged weapon consists of heavy slashes followed by a Chromatic Flame projectile, or brutal impalement followed by a severe roasting with Red flames. With his monochrome arms, Akira fights in an evasive and stylish fighting style, alternating between ranged combat and melee attacks to heavy strikes and a savage roasting.

Akira has also begun to use the Chokuto sword Shuiro in an Iaido fashion. The sheath of the sword is designed so that Aera can easily flow through it and propel the sword out. From there, Akira can wield Shuiro with precise and deadly strikes. Akira plans to learn Weapon Release with the sword, and has trained with his created element enough to imbue Shuiro with it easily via Aera Flow. His training with this sword and his elemental abilities is great enough that he can manipulate the flames imbued in his sword mid-attack for extra unpredictability. He's even able to dual-wield Bianco and Shuiro together, the former in his right hand and the latter in his left, for even more devastating and stylish attacks. By extension, Akira is capable of wielding Bianco & Nero's combined form in his left hand and Shuiro in his right hand for extremely powerful combos and attacks.


  • Akira's original EUO design is inspired by Izanagi-no-Okami from Persona 4. His surname is also taken from Izanagi.
  • Akira holds a fondness for cats and rabbits.
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