Akira is a player of the VRMMORPG Sky Haven Online.


In the real world, Akira Kyozo wears track suits of varying shades of blue or her school uniform, which is a black jumper, white shirt and black jeans. She has blue eyes and black hair, which she often dyes blue streaks into.

In Sky Haven, she wears dark blue armour with black highlights called Future Warrior Gear. She has blue eyes and black hair like in the real world.


Akira is a quiet person who speaks only when she has to and easily startles others due to how quiet she is. She is mostly cheerful and has a bad temper.


Akira was born in Tokyo to two members of the video game company Emerald Studios, who made Sky Haven Online. She liked video games from a young age and did well in school. She met Lee Walker in school after he stopped a bully from hurting her. They became friends quickly. When Sky Haven Online was finished, her parents got her a copy, not knowing that it would be a death game.




Main Equipment

Blue Dyed Leather Armor (Before The Future War Event)

Future Warrior Gear

Shadow Scythe (Player made by Lee Walker) (Destroyed during the Future War Event)

Energy Scythe (Dropped by the Future Boss Garnoz)

Throwing Knives (Backup Weapons)

Skills (During and after the Future War Event)

Unique Skill: Super Speed: Allows Akira to move faster than the speed of sound.

Scythe Master Skill Tree: 100%

Shadow Assassin Skill Tree: 97%

Staff User Skill Tree: 100%

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