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Akatsuki Tokugawa RL...

Personal Info
Real Name Akatsuki Tokugawa
Kanji 徳川・暁
Romaji Tokugawa Akatsuki
Birthday November 11, 2008
Age 13 (Beginning of Aincrad Arc)
16 (End of Aincrad Arc/Fairy Dance Arc)
17 (Phantom Bullet Arc, Atomic Skies Arc)
Gender Male
Height 171.1 cm
Weight 57.5 kg
Occupation Student
Player Profile
Display Name Karasu
Kanji (Display)
Romaji (Display) Karasu
Epithet The Black Crow
The All Seeing Swordsman
The PK Guild Hunter
VR Played Sword Art Online
Alfheim Online
Gun Gale Online
Red Sky Online
ALO Race Imp
Occupation Beta Tester
Player Killer
Affiliation Solo Player (Former)
Black Dawn Order (Leader)
Base of Operations Mansion, Granzam
Status Alive

Akatsuki Tokugawa also known by the username Karasu, is an SAO survivor, former Beta Tester, and a Mercenary Guild Leader. He is the First player in SAO to gain a level over 100 and the first to gain over 12 skill slots as a result. Known as the most versatile player in the game, he was known as being a survivalist. He did what he had to do in order to survive the ordeal SAO put him in. He has several in game Monikers including his infamous moniker as the PK Guild Hunter in which he earned by killing off PK Guilds in SAO.


Real Life

Akatsuki has Long shoulder length and slightly spiky black hair and vibrant golden amber eyes. He generally wears a pair of Khaki pants, a white button down or tee shirt and a blue denim jacket with a pair of red lace up sneakers. Other times he will wear a Hawaiian shirt with a pair of cargo shorts and leather sandals. When out and about he almost always wears a pair of aviator sunglasses and sometimes a brown wide brim fedora. When going to school he wears his Highschool uniform but still wears his Aviators nonetheless. He also has his left ear pierced and often wears a Moldavite Magatama Earring and a Moldavite Magatama Necklace, other times he wears a cross earring and necklace made from meteoric alloys.

Sword Art Online

Akatsuki started out wearing a black trench coat and black pants with black military style boots and black gloves. Before the beta was over his avatar had long waist length red hair and a scar over his left eye. After the beta was over he retained his irl appearance in the game with the exception of his outfit. Somewhere in the time skip he obtained a player-made black plague doctor's mask and obtained the coat of midnight from the marketplace. After the timeskip he remains wearing the plague doctor's mask but also wears an outfit similar to Kirito's but with taller boots, new matching gloves, and a black button-down shirt with dark silver buttons to match the belt and boot buckles as well as the silvery trim pieces on the coat of midnight. He also at some point obtained a user-made black top hat with a crow feather to match the rest of his outfit. The overall player killing skill plus this appearance is what gained him the moniker The Black Crow.


Akatsuki has a complex and two faced personality. With his loved ones and friends he values and treasures them dearly and will do anything to protect them and keep them safe. With allies he is dedicated and loyal and would never betray them. However, when it comes to enemies, he is their worst nightmare, when facing enemies he is just as analytical as he is with his friends but instead of using it for consideration for building a lasting relationship, on his enemies he uses this skill to pry at their mental, emotional, and physical weaknesses and limitations, to find the fastest, grueling, or most painful yet quickest ways to destroy them either figuratively or literally. Sometimes if he sees a few good qualities in an enemy he will also use this adept social skill to somehow "correct" them and turn them onto a better path, either through intimidation or conversation. Besides gaming, his hobbies include playing the guitar, collecting vintage vinyl, and collecting antiques. When not gaming his heart out with Yumeko, He spends alot of his time at home working on one of his classic cars, a 1964 Chrysler 300K Coupe With a 512 CID Hemi which he uses in drift racing on his free time. He claims to at least own three classic cars, stating that his uncle comes back to Japan from his job in America at least once a year always bringing him a classic car as a souvenir.



Sword Art Online: Call Of The Crow

Sword Art Online II: Grand Gun Royale

Red Sky Online: The New World



Sword Art Online

  • Level: 126
  • HP:

Main Equipment


Nihontō Acrobatics Sprint Parry Searching
971 / 1000
962 / 1000
995 / 1000
952 / 1000
Martial Arts Hiding Battle Healing Rune Crafting Runic Power
948 / 1000
990 / 1000
975 / 1000
987 / 1000
All Seeing Eye Doppelganger Blade Throwing Swimming Kenjutsu
870 / 1000
844 / 1000
995 / 1000

Alfheim Online

  • Level:
  • HP:
  • MP:

Main Equipment



Gun Gale Online

*Note: As GGO was a game created using [[w:c:swordartonline:The Seed|]], it resembles [[w:c:swordartonline:ALfheim Online|]] in the way that there is no level system, but rather utilizes a person's abilities to determine to their in-game abilities.

Main Equipment

  • M14 Battle Rifle
  • M25 Sniper Weapon System
  • Luger P08 Black Widow
  • StG 44 Assault Rifle
  • SKS M59/66 (Modified With Detachable Magazine)
  • Zastava M76
  • Thompson Submachine Gun
  • Accuracy International L115A3
  • AK-47 Assault Rifle
  • Yoshitsune N7 (Cross Guard Photon Sword)
  • Hideyoshi E1 (Photon Scythe)
  • PCR-10 Energy Shotgun (Cartridge Energy Weapon/Plasma Bullets)
  • EA-300 Mass Driver Rifle (Handheld Railgun)

Red Sky Online


  • Psychic
    • Psychokinesis
    • Telepathy
    • Apportation
    • Mediumship
    • Remote Viewing
    • Psychometry
    • Retrocognition
    • Precognition
  • Magic
    • Holy Magic
    • Arcane Magic
    • Fel Magic
  • Physical
    • Enhanced Physique
    • Enhanced Regeneration
    • Accelerated Perception
  • Hybrid

Main Equipment

Notable Achievements

  • First Player to Reach a Player Level Over 100 in SAO
  • First Player to Gain 15 Skill Slots in SAO


If you are not able to adapt to any obstacle you face, you surely will not survive. That is what evolution means.
~ Akatsuki Tokugawa

Havn't you heard? History is decided by the victors.
~ Akatsuki Tokugawa

While it is true bigger eats smaller, if the smaller is intelligent enough, the opposite is also true. The hunters eventually will become the hunted. That is the fate of Player Killers.
~ Akatsuki Tokugawa

Humans are social creatures, and some are not able to survive on their own. Until they are, it is our job to protect them and nurture them so someday they may become our saviors from this hell.
~ Akatsuki Tokugawa

We become strong because we are weak. When you become strong there will always be another that is stronger. Therefore even at our best we are weak, and most people forget that.
~ Akatsuki Tokugawa

Humans are such fragile creatures don't you think?
~ Akatsuki Tokugawa



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