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No, you look here, and listen. Those two kids didn’t ask to be trapped in a death game! Just like the rest of us, and they certainly didn’t set out to get robbed or assaulted by another player. You need to back off. Like it or not, your attitude is not helping their confidence.
~ Excerpt from SAOK: The Eventful Taurus, were Airi admonishes Kusaka for his poor attitude regarding the twins.
Airi Natsume
Personal Info
Real Name Airi Natsume
Kanji 愛莉 奈爪
Age 17
Gender Female
Height 151 cm (4'11½")
Weight 39 kg (86 lbs)
Player Profile
Display Name Asuka
Kanji (Display) 明寿花
VR Played «Sword Art Online»
Occupation Clearer
Affiliation «Brightscale»
Status Alive
Appears In «Sword Art Online (Kenji)»

Airi Natsume (愛莉 奈爪), known by the username Asuka (明寿花), was one of the 10,000 players trapped in «Sword Art Online». She was a founding member of a Clearer guild called «Brightscale». Per the beginning of the SAO Incident Airi was a student in the third grade of upper secondary school.

Airi served as one of two main supporting characters, the other being Yoshiro Kazuki, in the author's work, and has on occasion served as a POV character.


Airi is a petite black-haired girl with a slight build and light brown-coloured eyes.[1] Her hair is jaw-length, neatly styled, with a purple ribbon and clip on the left-hand side.[2] The only members of the initial «Brightscale» lineup who were shorter and lighter than Airi were the twins.[Notes 1]

System effects

A player's physical profile or appearance could change under certain circumstances in Sword Art Online. When activating her «Thieves Tool» composite, for example, Airi's usually brown-coloured eyes turned a distinct shade of purple.[3]

Casual wear


Airi's casual guild uniform.

Yoshiro and Kusaka were the first combative members of «Brightscale» to adopt casual attire.[4] Momoko created a casual uniform rather than a strict battle uniform, allowing for the members of «Brightscale» to exhibit their own unique appearance when questing. The uniform she settled on was distinctly Eastern in design and consisted of a black-coloured kimono, white shitagi, black hakama, white ōbi, white tabi, waraji, and a simple armband with the «Brightscale» insignia emblazoned on its surface.[5] Airi began wearing this uniform when she wasn't actively questing sometime before the 22nd of December 2022 and even when she wore it, she occasionally had her claws dangling from her belt as usual.[6]

Early equipment

Like Kenji, she initially wore minimal protective gear, preferring cloth cloaks and light leather armour.[7] She remarked that she disliked the thought of wearing heavy armour, calling it unattractive, but compromised following a near-death experience on the 1st Floor and equipped the «Lightweight Galerus» and «Lightweight Manica» given to her by Kenji. This gear covered her entire left arm up to the shoulder in tightly-weaved and lightweight armour. She wore her claws dangling from her belt but has also been shown wearing them casually on her hands like a set of gloves, with the blades safely retracted.[2]

Exiles Threads & Cloak

Even when Kenji and her guild mates adopted a more protective load-out Airi continued to prioritize stealth with only slight metallic protection.[8] The «Lightweight Galerus» and «Lightweight Manica» given to her by Kenji on the 1st Floor continued to be worn on her left-arm as her only protective metallic equipment.[2]

Airi's first unique set of armour consisted of the Exiles Threads, which comprised the upper-body and leg slots, and the Exiles Cloak, which comprised the head and neck slots. The suit was a dark-brown studded leather jacket, the lower-half were tan-leggings, whilst the cloak was of a plain brown leather with a simple metallic clasp at the neck and a bonnet attachment.[9][10]

She later added the «Sheath Knife Belt» to her waist slot, which held three «Throwing Picks», and the «Stalker Boots» to her feet, which were given to her by Kenji. Both pieces of equipment were dropped by the «Fallen Elf Commander» on the 3rd Floor and served to replace her initial equipment pieces.[1]


Airi is an energetic, sociable, and empathic personality.[11] She is empathetic, finding it easy to imagine how someone feels in a situation, or read the currents of a room.[2] Her general outlook led her to be supportive of Kenji regarding his guardianship of Momoko and Akiye.[7]

SAO was her first time seriously playing video-games in general. She frequently asked Kenji and Kusaka basic questions, examples being when she inquired what a «Karma Recovery» quest was,[12] and what the icon beside her name meant (buff from eating a buff item).[11] She had enough knowledge of RPG's however to know that certain items had an exceedingly slim drop-rate.[2] As her knowledge grew her questions advanced to include loot drops and the special attributes they provided.[1] By the time «Brightscale» was established as an official guild in SAO, Airi's knowledge had grown considerably, with her remarking that she had a good teacher in Kenji.[6]

Despite being trapped in a virtual world were her survival chances are greatly effected by her equipment, Airi disliked heavily armoured gear. Although, she conceded that she needed to wear more protective gear, but still preferred it to be attractive.[2]

She is something of a gourmet.[2] Airi enjoys experiencing new flavours and is particularly fond of desserts, to the point Kenji began carrying small long-lasting treats around in his inventory to bribe her with.[11] She frequently helped Momoko gather materials to cook with and agreed with Kenji when the former claimed Momoko's superior cooking had ruined NPC food for them.[13]

Airi shared an instant attraction to Kenji, which was first noticed by Kusaka. These feelings were reciprocated and the two grew close quickly.[7] By the time the two had reached the 2nd Floor they were playfully teasing one another.[11] Kenji made the first move a couple of days before Christmas 2022, with the two resolving to spend some time doing nothing related to gaming.[6] By the end of 2022 the pair were actively dating despite Kenji's initial fears of Aincrad being a poor place for a healthy relationship.[13]

Although Kenji said she showed no hesitation when fighting ox-men the size of real-world buses she does have her fears and phobias.[14] Airi is allergic to wasps and bee stings and thus has an aversion to them, even in the world of Sword Art Online. This led her to request help from Kenji when their materials were required to enhance her claws.[11] She conquered this fear almost completely.[6] She likewise has a fear of the undead creatures first encountered by «Brightscale» during their exploration of the «Dead Woods Mausoleum» and immediately ran behind Kenji.[15] In both cases she was encouraged by him to face her fears, which she ultimately did.[11][15]


Airi grew up on Niijima, which was one of the volcanic islands of the Izu Peninsula, and described herself as an "island girl".[11]


Main article -- Sword Art Online (Kenji).

Aincard arc

Part I


Part II


Stat Value Time
Level 5.[2] December 3rd 2022.[2]
Level 8.[7] Airi gained levels quickly with Kusaka's help between the 4th and 7th of December. Was level 8 on the morning of December 7th 2022.[2]
Level 9.[7] Evening of December 7th 2022, following almost an entire day of farming hunting grounds and completing quests with Kusaka, Yoshiro and Sojiro.[7]
Level 12.[14] In the week between December 8th and December 14th 2022.[14]
Level 13.[6] As of December 22nd 2022.[6]
Level 14.[1] Achieved as of December 24th 2022.[1]



Name Type Acquisition Notes
«Unnamed claws» Claws Initial Equipment Replaced with the Dire Wolf Claws on December 4th 2022.[2]
«Dire Wolf Claws» Claws Received as a rare monster drop on the 1st Floor on the evening of December 4th 2022.[2] Provides +3 to Agility and can inflict a DoT affect.[2]
Upgraded to +3 (3S) before December 7th 2022.[7]
Upgraded to +5 (4S1A) between the 15th and 17th of December 2022.[16]
Percentage chance to inflict DoT was 30% as of December 7th 2022.[7]
Percentage chance to inflict DoT was 40% as of the period between the 15th and 17th of December 2022.[16]
«Throwing Picks» Throwing Blade Store-bought sometime prior to December 22nd 2022.[6] Does not impose an «Irregular Equipment State» when used alongside her claws due to her «Sheath Knife Belt».[1]


Name Type Acquisition Notes
«Cloak» Cloth armour Store-bought Worn by Airi as of December 7th 2022.[7]
Replaced between the 15th and 17th of December 2022.[16]
«Leather gloves» Leather armour Store-bought Original set included upper-body, legs, gloves and boots and was worn by Airi as of December 7th 2022.[7]
Upper-body and legs replaced between the 15th and 17th of December 2022.[16]
Boots replaced on the 25th of December.[16]
«Lightweight Galerus» Shoulder armour Given to Airi by Kenji on the 1st Floor on December 4th 2022.[2] Combines with the «Lightweight Manica» to create a makeshift shield when used to block attacks.[2]
«Lightweight Manica» Arm armour Given to Airi by Kenji on the 1st Floor on December 4th 2022.[2] Combines with the «Lightweight Galerus» to create a makeshift shield when used to block attacks.[2]
«Exiles Threads» Lightweight leather armour Player-made for Airi by Momoko using materials from «Zagan the Exile» and various other rare materials.[16] +7 to Agility.[16]
Heightened critical chance.[16]
Grants a «Hiding» buff without needing the Skill slotted.[16]
«Exiles Cloak» Cloak Player-made for Airi by Momoko using materials from «Zagan the Exile» and various other rare materials.[16] +2 to Agility.[16]
Grants a «Hiding» buff without needing the Skill slotted.[16]
«Sheath Knife Belt» Belt Potential drop from the «Fallen Elf Commander» on the 3rd Floor.[1] Holds up to 3 Throwing Picks.[1]
Allows the user to throw these picks without entering an «Irregular Equipment State» when a weapon is equipped.[1]
«Stalker Boots» Foot-wear Received by Kenji as a potential drop from the «Fallen Elf Commander» on the 3rd Floor.[1]
Given to Airi on December 25th 2022, after Ryne declined it.[16]
Muffles the sound of the wearer's footsteps.[1]


Name Type Acquisition Notes
«Unnamed Agility earring» Earring Received December 19th 2022,[16] as a reward for the «Jade Key» quest.[17] Grants +1 to Agility.[17]
«Sigil of Lyusula» Ring Received between December 26th and December 29th 2022,[16] from Yofilis, after the completion of the «Shipwright of Yore» quest.[18] Allows access to «Dark Elf» areas.[18]
Increases Skill proficiency gain.[17]
Grants +1 to Agility.[18]


Airi's primary role is reconnaissance, her equipped Skills designed around dungeon exploration and trap avoidance, whilst her secondary role is general crowd-control.[19] Her third Skill Slot, «Trap Dismantling», and her fourth Skill Slot, «Picking», aided her primary function,[15] whilst her second Skill Slot, «Sprint», provided enhanced movement speed and a passive boost for system-assisted evasion of enemy attacks.[2] Although she lacked the «Hiding» Skill this did not impact her ability to hide from monsters or players. Airi possessed two custom-made and wholly unique pieces of clothing made for her by Momoko dubbed the «Exiles Threads» and «Exiles Cloak» respectively, that provided a «Hiding» buff that effectively acted as a high-level «Hiding» Skill that was activated by Airi in the same vein as an actual Skill.[9][10]

By the time «Brightscale» began questing on the 5th Floor Airi had essentially adopted the classic thief archetype common in numerous role-playing games, with Skill Slots devoted to «Trap Dismantling» and «Picking».[15] These two Skills combined to create several composite effects not documented by the system, and are thus required to be discovered by the player themselves.[20] Airi referred to these effects as her «Thieves Tools».[3]

During combat, Airi's focus is on blitzkrieg tactics with the claw-focused «Wild Dance» Skill, though she has implemented randomized movements at Kenji's suggestion to trip up the learning abilities of the AI-controlled monsters she faces.[2] She lacks both the equipment and the stats to withstand an opponent's attacks, with Kenji noting that a single attack from «Zagan the Exile» would have been enough to kill her even if she was struck at full HP.[14] Airi is aware of this weakness and although she has taken steps to mitigate it she rarely operates as a solo player after joining up with Kenji and Kusaka, preferring instead to act as a backup to the primary damage-dealer in whatever party she joins.[21] Because of her physical stature and Agility-focused build, Airi is remarkably fast, whose choice of damage primarily includes various damage-over-time effects she can inflict without even using a Sword Skill. This allows for swift and easily sustainable damage over extended periods of time. Her chances of inflicting DoT damage can be easily bolstered by a food buff available on the 2nd Floor.[11]

Sword Art Online

Wild Dance Sprint Trap Dismantling Picking
173 / 1000
210 / 1000
207 / 1000
204 / 1000

Sword Skills

Wild Dance
  • Pinpoint Step -- a retreating strike consisting of two attacks. The first strike, which is a charging attack, pierces the target's midsection. The second strike involves the user kicking off the opponent with their legs whilst slashing with their claws, resulting in a leap-back of five metres.
  • Patient Defence -- a counter-based defensive skill. Automatically dodge one incoming attack and follow-up with a slashing strike. Only works on Human-sized enemies.
  • Acute Vault -- a charging Sword Skill that covers several metres worth of distance.[14]
  • Flurry of Blows -- a five-strike combination attack comprising four swift jabs and finished off with an uppercut attack. 80% of the Sword Skill comprises piercing damage whilst the final 20% is slashing damage.[1]

Supplementary Skills

  • Burst -- a player-activated effect that provides an unspecified increase to the player's movement speed.[15] Kenji identified Airi as a «Sprint» user.[2]
  • Evasion Boost -- a passive effect that boosts the player's effectiveness at dodging strikes through a percentage chance of system-assisted evasion.[15] Kenji identified Airi as a «Sprint» user based on her combat style during their attempt to acquire a set of Dire Wolf Claws.[2]
Thieves Tools
  • Keen Eyes -- a composite effect produced by «Trap Dismantling» and «Picking» which is not listed by the system.[20] Greatly increases trap detection in dungeons and chests and more effective than the standard «Trap Dismantling» Mods.[15]
  • Dexterous Feat -- a composite effect produced by «Trap Dismantling» and «Picking» which is not listed by the system.[20] Greatly increases the likelihood of successfully picking locks and more effective than the standard «Picking» Mods.[15]

Outside System Skills

Author's notes

Behind the scenes

  • Airi's height and weight measurements, including physical appearance, is modelled on Momo Hinamori from Bleach.


References & notes



  1. Akiye is 136 cm (4'5½") and 31 kg (68 lbs.), whilst Momoko is 137 cm (4'6") and 31 kg (68 lbs.). Airi is 151 cm (4'11½") and 39 kg (86 lbs).
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