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Airi Natsume
Personal Info
Real Name Airi Natsume
Kanji 愛莉 奈爪
Age 17
Gender Female
Height 151 cm (4'11½")
Weight 39 kg (86 lbs)
Player Profile
Display Name Asuka
Kanji (Display) 明寿花
VR Played «Sword Art Online»
Occupation Clearer
Affiliation «Brightscale»
Status Alive
Appears In «Sword Art Online (Kenji)»

Airi Natsume (愛莉 奈爪), known by the username Asuka (明寿花), was one of the 10,000 players trapped in «Sword Art Online». She was a founding member of a Clearer guild called «Brightscale».


Airi is a petite black-haired girl with a slight build.[1] Her eyes are light-brown.[2] Like Kenji she initially wore minimal protective gear, preferring cloth cloaks and light leather armor.[3] Even when Kenji adopted a more protective load-out Airi continued to prioritise stealth.[4]

Exiles Threads

Airi's first unique set of armor consisted of the Exiles Threads, which comprised the upper-body and leg slots, and the Exiles Cloak, which comprised the head and neck slots. The suit comprised a dark-brown studded leather jacket and tan-leggings whilst the cloak was of a plain brown leather with a simple metallic clasp at the neck and a hood attachment.[5][6] She later added the «Sheath Knife Belt» to her waist slot and the «Stalker Boots» to her feet, both of which where drops from the «Fallen Elf Commander» on the 3rd Floor.[2]


Airi is an energetic, sociable, and emphatic personality.[7] She is empathetic, finding it easy to imagine how someone feels in a situation or read the currents of a room, and supported Kenji in his guardianship of Momoko and Akiye in the official release of SAO.[3]

SAO was her first time seriously playing video-games in general. She frequently asked Kenji and Kusaka basic questions, examples being when she inquired what a «Karma Recovery» quest was,[8] and what the icon beside her name meant (buff from eating a buff item).[7] She had enough knowledge of RPG's however to know that certain items had an exceedingly slim drop-rate.[1] As her knowledge grew her questions advanced to include loot drops and the special attributes they provided.[2]

Airi is something of a gourmet.[1] She enjoys experiencing new flavours and is particularly fond of desserts, to the point Kenji began carrying small long-lasting treats around in his inventory to bribe her with.[7]

On the 2nd Floor it became apparent that Kenji and Airi began seeing each other as more than just friends.[3][7]



Main article -- Sword Art Online (Kenji).

Aincard arc





Stat Value Time
Level 5.[1] December 4th, 2022.[1][Notes 1]
Level 8.[3] Airi gained levels quickly with Kusaka's help between the 4th and 7th of December. Was level 8 on the morning of December 7th, 2022.[1]
Level 9.[3] Evening of December 7th, 2022, following almost an entire day of farming hunting grounds and completing quests with Kusaka, Yoshiro and Sojiro.[3]
Level 12.[9] In the week between December 8th and December 14th, 2022.[9]
Level 14.[2] Achieved as of December 24th, 2022.[2]



Name Type Acquisition Notes
«Unnamed claws» Claws Initial Equipment Replaced with the Dire Wolf Claws on December 4th, 2022.[1]
«Dire Wolf Claws» Claws Received as a rare monster drop on the 1st Floor on the evening of December 4, 2022.[1] Provides +3 to Agility and can inflict a DoT affect.[1]
Upgraded to +3 (3S) before December 7th, 2022.[3]
Upgraded to +5 (4S1A) between the 15th and 17th of December, 2022.[10]
Percentage chance to inflict DoT was 30% as of Decemeber 7th, 2022.[3]
Percentage chance to inflict DoT was 40% as of the period between the 15th and 17th of December, 2022.[10]
«Throwing Picks» Throwing Blade Store-bought.
Airi started carrying them from the 25th December, 2022, to take advantage of the special effect of her «Sheath Knife Belt».[2]
Does not impose an «Irregular Equipment State» when used alongside her claws due to her «Sheath Knife Belt».[2]


Name Type Acquisition Notes
«Cloak» Cloth armor Store-bought Worn by Airi as of December 7th, 2022.[3]
Replaced between the 15th and 17th of December, 2022.[10]
«Leather gloves» Leather armor Store-bought Original set included upper-body, legs, gloves and boots and was worn by Airi as of December 7th, 2022.[3]
Upper-body and legs replaced between the 15th and 17th of December, 2022.[10]
Boots replaced on the 25th of December.[10]
«Exiles Threads» Lightweight leather armor Player-made for Airi by Momoko using materials from «Zagan the Exile» and various other rare materials.[10] +7 to Agility.[10]
Heightened critical chance.[10]
Grants a «Hiding» buff without needing the Skill slotted.[10]
«Exiles Cloak» Cloak Player-made for Airi by Momoko using materials from «Zagan the Exile» and various other rare materials.[10] +2 to Agility.[10]
Grants a «Hiding» buff without needing the Skill slotted.[10]
«Sheath Knife Belt» Belt Potential drop from the «Fallen Elf Commander» on the 3rd Floor.[2] Holds up to 3 Throwing Picks.[2]
Allows the user to throw these picks without entering an «Irregular Equipment State» when a weapon is equipped.[2]
«Stalker Boots» Foot-wear Received by Kenji as a potential drop from the «Fallen Elf Commander» on the 3rd Floor.[2]
Given to Airi on December 25th, 2022, after Ryne declined it.[10]
Muffles the sound of the wearer's footsteps.[2]


Name Type Acquisition Notes
«Unnamed Agility earring» Earring Received December 19th, 2022,[10] as a reward for the «Jade Key» quest.[11] Grants +1 to Agility.[11]


Airi's primary role is reconnaissance. Her short stature and nimble build, coupled with her Agility stat, allows for excessively fast movements. This can be further bolstered by her «Sprint» Skill. Her clothing aids her ability to hide.[2]

During battle Airi is described as a crowd-controller who supports the primary DPS.[12] In normal situations from the 3rd Floor onward this meant she was Kenji's backup, but in a raid-party setting this extended to Sojiro.[13] Kenji has stated that her Agility build far outstrips him in terms of speed. Her claws, coupled with her speed and the DoT buff found on the 2nd Floor,[3] provides excellent and sustainable damage over extended periods.[9]

She generally suffers from the same weaknesses as Kenji initially did when questing. As an Agility build she wears minimal protective gear, preferring cloth cloaks and lightweight leather armor.[3] Before meeting up with Kenji and Kusaka she was in real danger when cornered by even a single monster.[1] Kenji was of the opinion that a single Sword Skill from «Zagan the Exile» would have been enough to kill Airi and himself.[9]

Sword Art Online

Claws Sprint Trap Dismantling
173 / 1000
128 / 1000
149 / 1000

Sword Skills

  • Pinpoint Step -- a retreating strike consisting of two attacks. The first strike, which is a charging attack, pierces the target's midsection. The second strike involves the user kicking off the opponent with their legs, resulting in a leap-back of five metres.
  • Patient Defense -- a counter-based defensive skill. Automatically dodge one incoming attack and follow-up with a slashing strike. Only works on Human-sized enemies.
  • Acute Vault -- a charging Sword Skill that covers several metres worth of distance.[9]
  • Flurry of Blows -- a five-strike combination attack comprising four swift jabs and finished off with an uppercut attack. 80% of the Sword Skill comprises piercing damage whilst the final 20% is slashing damage.

Supplementary Skills

Trap Dismantling
  • Increased Trap Detection I -- a Mod for the «Trap Dismantling» Skill. Increases the user's ability to successfully detect traps.
  • Increased Trap Dismantling I -- a Mod for the «Trap Dismantling» Skill. Increases the user's ability to successfully disarm traps.

Outside System Skills

Author's notes

Behind the scenes

  • Airi's height and weight measurements, including physical appearance, is modelled on Momo Hinamori from Bleach.


References & notes



  1. Events depicted in SAOK: Unexpected Meetings are stated to occur four weeks into the official release of SAO. This would coincide with the fight against the 1st Floor boss Illfang the Kobold Lord.
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