This skill, Air Jump, is property of 0123456789 The Great.

Air Jump
Skill Info
Kanji 空中跳躍
Romaji Ea Jampu
VRMMORPG AlfHeim Online
User(s) (TBA)

"Air Jump", as the name suggest, is a skill that lets the user to jump while mid-air. This skill is a reward for completing the quest "Hidden Skills"


Air Jump allows one to jump the air, using the empty air as a base. Due to the advantage of the skill, one (Ex. "A") can only use Air Jump up to 3 times. This count will be reset when the said player ("A") land on solid object or creature. The skill requires no further conditions, and the skill is maxed out upon acquiring.




  • The skill is thought of when I see the condition of "Can't fly in Dungeon"
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