Element Info
Kanji 空気
Romaji Kūki
Classification Augmented Element
Basic Elements Wind

Air, also refered to as Gas, is an augmented Element and a form of Elemental Bending in Endless Utopia Online. It is one of the enhanced forms of Wind.



Since Smoke is an augmented form of Wind, it's a prerequisite to have learned and to have decent control over the Prime Element.

While Wind simply allows the user to control air currents, Air, on the other hand, allows the user to manipulate different types of Gas that exist in the Atmosphere, such as the Noble gases and other gaseous elements found in the Periodic Table of the Chemical elements.

Learning this element involves the user using his sense of smell and touch to detect the existing molecules in the air to detect the different types of gases and then trying to manipulate that part of the air in particular. Experts are able to create new atomic bonds between the small particles of the elements that float in the air, such as Ozone, and masters can even create gases that contain particles related to Earth, like Methane, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon dioxide, and even separate hydrogen atoms from oxygen atoms in the case of Cloud and Steam. This is possible since small particles of these substances are found in the air, and therefore, they offer little to no resistance when bonding with other types of atoms. It is also possible for a user to use wind against the earth or rocks, and therefore providing the necessary particles to create other gases. Due to this, Air it's closely linked to Dust, one of the combined forms of Wind and Earth.


  • Fire: Air can be fire's greatest strength and weakness at the same time. Air can be used to create more oxygen and gases that are far more combustible than regular oxygen, such as methane. At the same time, Air can be used to decrease the amount of oxygen in the air and create gases that don't feed Fire, such as carbon monoxide.
  • Cloud/Steam: when water is on its gaseous form, an Air user may be able to separate the hydrogen atoms from the oxygen atoms, therefore, leaving the Water user without water existing in their vicinity.


  • Reliance on vicinity: the more advanced techniques of Air depend on atoms of different substances existing in the vicinity of the user.
  • Lack of Aggressiveness/complementary nature: similar to it's parent element, Air lacks the fighting capability, rendering it rather as a more complementary element than an offensive one. That being said, when applied correctly and by an experienced player, Air can be as lethal as any other Element.



  • It can be considered that Air works in a similar way to Stone, in the sense that both Augmented elements manipulate more complex forms of their respective elements in the periodic table.
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