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Aincrad Military Intelligence Sector 5
Guild Info
Name Aincrad Military Intelligence Sector 5
VRMMORPGs Sword Art Online
ALfhime Online (Known as New Aincrad Intelligence Sector 5)
Gun Gale Online
Arma 3 Online
Founder Sean Michalek (SeanCityNavy)
Members Mayden Dutton (Sayori_Maple)
Yua Kimura (Cpl_Yua)
Itou Yu (Officer_Itou)
Sachi Yakimora (Sachi_Yak)
Ayano Keiko (Silica)
Main Focus Intelligence Gathering
Protection of Floor 47
Previous Focus Anti-Terrorist Operations
Base of Operations Her Majesty's Tower, Floria Outskirts
Previous Base of Operations AMI5 Intelligence Outpost #5, Town of Beginnings
Allies Knights of the Blood Oath
Aincrad Liberation Front
Divine Dragons Alliance
The State of 47
Status Still ongoing

Aincrad Military Intelligence Sector 5 (Named after it's real life counterpart Military Intelligence Sector 5) was founded by Sean Michalek and Mayden Dutton in January of 2023 with their friends Yua Kimura, Itou Yu and Sachi Yakimora.


The creation of AMI5 was to bring together a group of Security & Intelligence Specialists to help protect the players who lived on the floors between the Aincrad Liberation Front's Territory and the Front Lines as well as keep the Front Lines well informed about challenges and dangers ahead.

The Original Goal of AMI5 was to counter act Anti-Player Operations & Guilds (Any Orange Player or Red Player Guilds) which Sean called Terrorist Groups as a joke and to Gather Intelligence. After Floor 47 was liberated the goal of Protecting Floor 47, it's inhabitants and it's makeshift Government AMI5 had created was added.After the fall of Laughing Coffin by the hands of the KoB, Anti-Terrorist Operations was scrapped from the guilds focus leaving Intelligence Gathering and Protection of Floor 47.


When AMI5 started out it was based in a small Town House located in the Town of Beginnings after gaining approval from the Aincrad Liberation Front who ran the town.

After Floor 47 was liberated by the front line Sean moved AMI5 to Floria and started what players called The State of 47, a Governmental Organization meant to bring peace and prosperity to Floor 47 and it's inhabitants. AMI5's Headquarters can be found in what Sean called Her Majesty's Tower a structure that looks similar if not the same as the Tower of London on the outskirts of Floria.

Known Members

AMI5 is Large and made of many members, from Intelligence Specialists to Security Specialists to Diplomats to Store Clerks so AMI5 is Split up to 5 Divisions.

  • Administrative Department
  • AMI5 Protection Bureau
  • Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Department of Peace Operations
  • Department of Intelligence Operations

Administrative Department

Heads of the Respective 4 Divisions, also known as the Council of Intelligence or Board of Directors depending on who you ask.

  • Sean Michalek: Founder & Head of the Administrative Department
  • Mayden Dutton: Co-Founder & Head of AMI5 Protection Bureau
  • Itou Yu: Head of the Department of Peace Operations
  • Yua Kimura: Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Sachi Yakimora: Head of the Department of Intelligence Operations

Aincrad Military Intelligence Sector 5 Protection Bureau

Or known as the Secret Service to many of Floor 47's Inhabitants is the Principal Bodyguard Unit of AMI5.


Department of Foreign Affairs

Deals with day to day Guild-Guild affairs.

  • Ayano Keiko: Ambassador to the Knights of the Blood Oath

Department of Peace Operations

Deals with the internal protection of AMI5's Outposts & Forward Operating Bases as well as Floor 47.Also is home to the AMI5's Logistical Operations Division.


Department of Intelligence Operations

Deals with the Intelligence Gathering aspect of AMI5 and the most secretive Department.

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