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Personal Info
Name Airi Amane
Birthday December 20, 2007
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 152 cm
Weight 59 kg
Eyes Yellow
Hair Black
Place of Residence Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Occupation Student
Marital Status Girlfriend of Minato
Player Profile
Display Name Aina
Epithet The Black Priestess

The Raven's Queen

VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
Affiliation None
Previous Affiliation Raven's Gate
Partner Minato (in-game husband)
Status Active
Primary Skill One Handed Spear
Unique Skill Rakshasa
Unique Weapon Nahel Argama

Aina is a level 63 player in Sword Art Online and the leader of the guild, Raven's Gate. She is also the girlfriend and in-game wife of Minato. Her real name is Airi Amane.

Appearance & Personality

In Sword Art Online, Aina wears a black dress with a long black sleeve on her left arm and two long black gloves and one black legging on her left leg. She has black hair which she wears in a bun that splits into two ponytails that go down to just above her feet and wears three golden hairpieces. She has amber-yellow eyes and wears red eyeliner just above her eyes. In real life, Airi has black hair that instead goes down in a wavy style and has red eyes instead of yellow. She typically wears a white and black bow in her hair.

Airi after SAO

Upon first glance, Aina can be described as manipulative and cruel, dealing out excessive punishments to those in her guild who disobey or misinterpret her orders. She is most known for her beauty and often uses seduction to bend others to her will.

Unknown to most, this is a facade to hide her true feelings. in actuality, she is very childish and insecure, constantly seeking comfort after the death of her father. She only ever exposed this side to Minato after confessing her love to him.


Airi comes from a very wealthy family. Her father was a politician and thus held much influence in the government. She was very attached to her father and thought highly of him. Shortly after turning 10 years old, her father was assassinated by unknown assailants. This event devastated her and she fell into somewhat of a depression. Her mother, however, responded to the tragedy in a very different fashion.

In the following years, Airi's mother began to bring many different men home and slept with them. Most of these men were very abusive towards Airi, as was her mother. One of the men even tried to rape Airi when the mother had left the house. Airi eventually overpowered the assailant and killed him. She hid the body of her attacker underneath the backyard and tricked her mother into thinking that the man had simply left, never to return.

Not long after turning 13, Airi had discovered that her mother was behind the assassination of her father, and that it was an attempt to gain his immense wealth for herself. With this Airi had begun to descend deeper into her depression, resulting in two failed attempts at suicide. After failing her second suicide attempt, she discovered Virtual Reality games and began to play constantly to escape the horrors of her real life.


Sword Art Online

Airi entered Sword Art Online as Aina hoping to abandon her past but still keep part of her identity. Upon the announcement of the death game from Kayaba Akihiko, she was generally unfazed, almost joyful at the thought of being separated from her mother for an extended period of time.

Not long after the offical start to Kayaba Akihiko's death game, Aina began to recruit members for her guild, Raven's Gate. She specifically saught men who could be easily persuaded into doing her bidding, and used flirtatious methods similar to her mother's in order to bend them to her will. She was ashamed of her actions to no end, but thought it to be the only way to survive in the world she had been thrown into, despite being extremely capable of defending herself.

Many months later, after a significant amount of progression into the higher floors, Aina and her guild enter a dungeon on Floor 42, hoping to find rare loot. Unfortunately ofr them, the dungeon on Floor 42 conncects to many of the higher floors, meaning that the levels of the creatures inside featured increased difficulties, many of them too high a level for Aina and her guild-mates. As Aina and the rest of her guild face the fear of an imminent death, Minato, traversing the same dungeon for himself, rescues them and eliminates the creatures. Aina, recognizing his strength, decides that he would be an exceedingly worthy addition to her guild, and offers him a place in it, an offer which Minato reluctantly accepts.

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