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Aimi Satomi
Personal Info
Name Aimi Satomi
Kanji サトミ アイミ
Romanji Satomi Aimi
Birthday July 25
Age 13
Gender Female
Height 157 cm
Weight 34.9 kg
Eyes Pink
Hair Black
Unusual Features Pink eyes
Occupation Student
Family Chiharu (one of the many cousins)

Mikira (also another cousin)

Izumi Satomi (twin sister)

Player Profile
VRMMORPGs Played Endless Utopia Online
Partner Izumi Satomi
Status Alive
Unique Weapon Operetta


Aimi and Izumi are identical twins. They have the same bright pink eyes, and long, wavy black hair. In EUO, Aimi wears a bright and sparkly pink pleated skirt over leggings and black combat boots. For her top, she wears a white blouse with sparkly black buttons up the side. Around her neck rests a pair of glittery black and pink headphones. Her hair is down in soft curls with a shiny pink bow clip pinning it back.


Aimi is the more girly twin, or the diva of the two (Aimi and Izumi) despite them both liking pink. She adores music, and musicals, and is sometimes annoying her sister by always practicing her belting, or her high notes. She is obsessed with sparkles, and when she felt that she couldn't put enough sparkles on her outfit, she took it out on her sister, adding glitter, and a sparkly clip. It was also her idea to make Izumi wear the fairy wings.


Aimi is related to both Chiharu and Mikira. They got both her, and her twin sister Izumi into video games, and for Izumi, weaponry. They also got both of them into pink. When their parents let them choose a sport, or some sort of athletic activity to do, while Izumi took up fencing, Aimi instead chose a type of martial arts style called bōjutsu. When they stopped at a game store, Izumi said she was going to buy a game known as EUO, so Aimi decided to try it out too.


  • Izumi Satomi: Izumi is Aimi's twin sister and best friend. 
  • Chiharu: Chiharu is one of Aimi's many relatives, and helped get her into video games.
  • Mikira: Another relative who helped get her into video games.


Endless Utopia Online

When Aimi started EUO, she chose Avian because of it's connection to sound. First, she worked with wind/air first, and worked with it for months until she started with Sound. She practiced Sound and after a few months, and mastered it to it's full ability.  She could stun others with sound, or blast them with gusts of wind, and then ambush them with fierce attacks with her staff, Operetta or shatter their ear drums.

Notable Achievements

  • Mastering Sound and Wind


  • Her weapon, Operetta, means a short opera