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Aiken in SAO
Personal Info
Name Eric Mcnancy
Kanji エリク ンクナンクイ
Romanji eriku nkunankui
Birthday November 4, 2007
Age 18
Gender Male
Height 173 cm
Weight 62 kg
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Place of Residence Japan
Occupation Student
Marital Status Single
Player Profile
Display Name Aiken
Kanji アイケン
Romanji aiken
Epithet Player's Bane
The Archer
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
ALfheim Online
Occupation Player-hunter
Affiliation Darkness Falls
Base of Operations Floor 13 (SAO)
Status Active
Primary Skill One Handed Sword
Unique Skill Ranger's Throw
Unique Weapon Ice-Stained Blade
First Appearance Right Back At It Again
Aiken is one of the 10,000 players who were trapped in «Sword Art Online». He's a sword-wielding projectile user that achieved the highest player kills. His real name is Eric McNancy. 



Aiken's avatar in ALO

A teenager diagnosed with PTSD after a gruesome and horrifying car accident, Eric became absorbed in MMO's as a way to avoid his syndrome. When Sword Art Online came out, Eric was one of the first people to buy the game. In SAO, Aiken was one the best players, despite it being his first VRMMO. Skilled in the knowledge of MMO's in general and having a raised reaction speed, Aiken stayed in every boss raid and dungeon clearing group until floor 23, when his best friend, Selwyn, was killed by PKers. Aiken then shifted his focus from clearing the game to hunting down every single PKer in SAO.

After SAO, Eric almost lost his mind and it was only through the help of his former SAO guild members that Eric was able to recover his sanity. At the suggestion of Josh, Eric's friend, he starts to play ALO after a patch that intoduces bows and crossbows to the game is released. Aiken is awarded a special avatar by the game for having the highest amount of player kills in SAO. 


Aiken is a very serious and intense character, not letting up his guard for even a second while in game. In real life, Aiken shows an appreciation for humor and a tendency to get into trouble often.  He puts a lot of blame on himself, whether it's events in-game or the mistakes he makes in real life. He has an adventurer's spirit and finds great joy in discovering new areas of the game.


Fairy Dance Arc

Aiken is based on a character in the fan fiction, Right Back At It Again.


Sword Art Online

  • Level: 62
  • Main Equipment:
    • 「Ice -Stained Blade」 (One Handed Sword- Player drop)
    • 「Throwing Knives」 (Projectile Weapon - Crafted by Gerg)
    • 「Elven Armor」 (Armor)
    • 「Forgotten Archer's Hood」 (Gloves)
    • 「Elven Boots」 (Shoes)
    • 「Forgotten Archer's Belt」 (Belt)
  • Specialty
    • ​Throwing Weapons - Throwing knives, throwing picks, darts
One Handed Sword Light Metal Equipment Throwing Weapon Aim Acrobatics
856 / 1000
744 / 1000
817 / 1000
785 / 1000
Musical Instrument Sprint Parry
634 / 1000
899 / 1000
756 / 1000

ALfheim Online

  • Level: 41
  • Race: Spriggan
  • Main Equipment:
    • Frozen Compound Bow」 (Bow- Rare Monster Drop)
    • 「Silver-Flash」 (One Handed Sword- Crafted by Gerg)
    • 「Dark Ranger's Chestguard」 (Armor- Crafted by Gerg)
    • 「Dark Ranger's Handguards」 (Gloves- Crafted by Gerg)
    • 「Spriggan's Infantry Boots」 (Shoes- Monster Drop)
    • 「Dark Ranger's Belt」 (Belt- Crafted by Gerg)
  • Specialty
    • Bow and Arrow- Range is extended and aim is unmatched.
Bow Light Metal Equipment Aim Acrobatics One Handed Sword
899 / 1000
865 / 1000
976 / 1000
944 / 1000
876 / 1000
Sprint Parry Wall Running Night Vision Range
977 / 1000
901 / 1000
949 / 1000


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