Aika Haseo
Personal Info
Romanji Haseo Aika
Birthday February 8th, 2048
Age 16
Gender Female
Height 5'5"
Weight 114lbs
Eyes Yellow
Hair Black
Place of Residence Nagoya, Japan
Family Yamato Haseo - Father

Naoto Asagami - Mother
Ishi Haseo - Grandfather
Asuka Shizuka - Grandmother

Player Profile
VRMMORPGs Played Armor Blitz Online

Aika Haseo is a high school student and player of Armor Blitz Online.


Aika has shoulder-length, somewhat wavy black hair that she usually keeps back in a ponytail, and inherited the bright yellow eyes of her father and grandfather.

In real life, she wears the standard uniform of her high school, consisting of a black blazer on top of a white undershirt and a black skirt with a blue stripe along the edge, as well as black dress shoes and white thigh-high socks. She also wears black round glasses.

Aika's normal attire in-game consists of a black and blue pilot suit and short-sleeved jacket with matching helmet displaying a stylized image of a wolf on the side, standard attire for Armor Blitz pilots.


Real Life

Born to Yamato Haseo and Naoto Asagami, two survivors of the End War Online Incident, Aika was brought up in a normal, if not somewhat privileged, family environment. Her father, being the CEO of the Haseo Corporation, provided for most of the family's needs, but his busy work would result in him not being around often. Despite this, Yamato tried to be there for her wherever possible, and Aika adored her father, and to this day still refers to Yamato as "daddy", even though she's well into her teens.

Armor Blitz Online



Inheriting the fiery and confident personality of her father, Aika is headstrong and relishes in a good challenge. Though she finds schoolwork somewhat dull, she takes especially keen interest on the things that she does enjoy, excelling in such areas. Although having grown up with privilege due to her father's occupation, she sometimes finds it hard to understand the struggles of others, and can sometimes come off as insensitive, though unintentionally.

In Armor Blitz Online, she is particularly excited when in the cockpit of her personal Armor Blitz, and always loves diving into a firefight, enjoying the thrill of the intense combat. She is one of the relatively few players who choose to make primary use of a melee weapon in addition to ranged combat.

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