Aera Channeller
Weapon Info
VRMMORPG Endless Utopia Online
Quest None
Obtained/Made By None
Unique Skill None

Aera Channeller, also known as Energy Cannon, is a type of weapon used in Endless Utopia Online.


An Aera Channeller is a type of weapon that resembles real-life guns and it serves to channel a player's Aera and shot it at the enemy. Their usage is highly dependant on the player's energy: the bigger the quantity of Aera used, the stronger the shot. They are able to shot either beams or blasts of energy or be imbued with Elemental Bending so that they can shot blasts made of any element the user desires (as long as the user is able to control said element). It must be remarked that players are able to perform these feats without the usage of this weapon, but this weapon enhances greatly the power of an attack.

This type of weapon was crafted by a very skilled blacksmith. It is quite new in the history of EUO and represents one of the newest pieces of technology created in centuries. Few players can find a blacksmith capable of creating this weapon, and this is why there are so few.

Carried by players, these weapons generally resemble ornamental pistols.

Unlike with other weapons, players cannot perform Weapon Release on an Energy Cannon.

Cannon/Weapon Hybrids

An even rarer type of version of this weapon are Aera Channelers which are able to transform into a different type of melee weapon. This "Hybrids" allow players to use the cannon form in ranged combat and switch to weapon form to fight in close quarters. Players also use the weapon form if they are close to run out of Aera since the melee weapon form (like any other melee weapon in EUO) does not require Energy to be used, unless the player uses a technique that requires energy.

It should be noted that a hybrid cannot have three or more forms.

Known Aera Channellers


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