Aegis Shield, granted to the player who has the strongest feeling of protecting others. The most unselfish player in the whole world. Shield of Aegis doubles the defences of the current equiped shield, as well as making it larger, in a form of a larger flower, with angel wings on each side. The shield can then protect up to Three teamates at a time, for only one player. Although there is a disadvantage, and that is the teamates for who the user blocks, receives no damage at all. They all go to him instead, but the damage calculation that was supposed to be done on his teamate retains it's full damage. 

Exemple: Jacob blocks 3 incoming attacks, one on him, the two others on his teamates. The attack on him will deal less damage because of his high defence, but if his two teamates were supposed to loose 1300 HP total, he looses instead of them.